Would proper grammar be so difficult?

Powerline has been nice enough to share some of the email they have recieved as of late, show the volumous venom spewed by some of the Lefties. The current on they share is from a "businessman" named Carter. A little hint, Mr. Carter: if you are going to send that type of letter, and tell us how much money you make, try and use some English and grammar skills. Proper puntuation, proofreading, capitalization, etc. Furthermore, to quote Hunter S. Thompson, a self proclaimed hard drug user, takes the cake. While I enjoyed Fear and Loathing and Where The Buffalo Roam, I still cannot take him seriously.

I truly enjoy Mr. Carter discussing who rich he is and gas guzzling SUV’s. Has Carter sent his refund back the IRS? Given up his SUV? Given up driving period to save gasoline? I would doubt it. What is one’s fair share? It is paying the same percentage. Flat tax or national sales tax.

Why does the Left feel the need to use that type of language so often and so much? We are supposed to take them seriously why?

Update: 710pm 2/23/05: Ye need to stop by Secure Liberty, who has some more great info on moonbattery.

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  1. Moonbat Nonsense

    Fortunately, I don’t draw many moonbats, like say, PowerlinePirates Cove). Of course moonbats count as traffic, so it’s not all good, but I don’t often deal with obscenity laden crap like what Mr. Carter sent to Powerline.

    But I did get this comm…

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