DU Revisionist History

Here comes the next DU talking point, folks. The Dems, who are strangely reluctant to discuss why the Gannon/Guckert story is a mountain, not a mole hill, are looking for ways to redeem their interest:

In the first phase of the Gannon story, we learned
that a "reporter" who was tossing suspiciously softball questions
during White House press briefings was using a fake name and working
for a fake news organization. This news was interesting enough to bring
us on to…

In the second phase of the
Gannon story, we learned that the "reporter" was also a gay male
prostitute who was advertising himself on websites while he still had
access to the White House. Thanks to the blogs, Keith Olbermann, and
the Daily Show, these revelations have sparked a little more interest
from the mainstream media, most notably the Today Show this morning.
Which now leads us to…

Today we have learned that Jeff Gannon had access to the White House before his news organization even existed.  Additionally we have learned that he was apparently in possession of a so-called "hard pass."  At which point we can safely say:


Uh huh. Let’s write this properly:


That is all this is about: finding some way to do what the Right has done. They got their way, mostly. Gannon no longer reports from the White House, nor does he even work for Talon News. The Left is stuck in a loop, desperately looking for something they can use to feed their irrational hatred. These are, at least legally, adults. They remind me more of members of hate groups, such as the KKK or anti government mountain men, who blindly follow a route of hatred. Yes, I did go there, and I stand by that comment.

From Cybercast News Service comes a commentary about the Dems being in denial (hat tip to Granny1n2):

can’t help wondering why the Left got so upset over Jeff Gannon (a.k.a.
James Guckert) and Talon News. Was the Left more enraged by Gannon’s
lack of journalistic credentials and purported political bias, or
because of what it considered an unpardonable sin?

No, not
that he might be a homosexual hooker, but that as a homosexual hooker,
he would have betrayed the liberal cause with conservative-slanted

David Thibault then provides reasons why this really is a minor story, such as:

Gannon’s lack of journalistic experience:
How many times have we seen entertainers with no past journalism
experience plopped in the television or radio anchor chair to
pontificate on the issues of the day and ask questions of guests? Is
someone like John McEnroe a journalist? No more than a Janeane Garafalo
or an Al Franken.

Then there are the bloggers, many of whom also
lack journalism backgrounds and traditional accountability, but who
sometimes pull in larger audiences than some of the nation’s daily
newspapers. Their influence can’t be denied; they helped take down Dan
Rather and CNN’s Jordan Eason. Are these bloggers journalists?

Let me give you a little clue, Contrarians: this is a minor story. While you are stuck on it, the world is passing you by. Your blogs and websites are clogged with stories about Gannon. It is your main concern. And, quite frankly, it is amusing. 

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2 Responses to “DU Revisionist History”

  1. Jeremy says:

    who blindly follow a route of hatred. Yes, I did go there, and I stand by that comment.

    Hell, I’m not going to stand with that comment. I’m going to take a voluntary style step forward from that statement:

    The left is blindly following Dr. Howard “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for” Dean into the very bowels of obstructionism and hate. From this deep dark place in the party they may never recover.

  2. Ayup.

    I beleive in the mutiparty system. Lots of people say that they believe in the two party system, but, from reading and schooling, I haven’t found anything from the late 18th century that says we should only have 2 parties. Let the Dems go down. Another party or 2 will rise in it’s place. It’s happened before.

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