Spambots Die!

It’s been awhile, but I finally got another spambot comment. Do you want Cialis? Me neither. Comment deleted! Spambot die die die.

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9 Responses to “Spambots Die!”

  1. Nixon1971 says:

    No, dang drug doesn’t work.

    Did I post that out loud?

    Hey, I’m Diabetic, cut me some friggin’ slack.


  2. LOL! I thought my email inbox was bad enough. I have security so high on my spam blocker that it actuall blocks legit email. Now I have to deal with comment spam.

  3. MissPatriot says:

    LOL I haven’t gotten a spam in my inbox like that for a loonnggg time. What’s hysterical is that I’m a woman……

    I wonder if that’s one of those 4 hour emergency erection drugs………

    The first time I saw THAT commercial was during last years Superbowl. I laughed and laughed and asked my husband what happens that it’s an emergency. He didn’t know. I still don’t know the answer. LOL

  4. Yup, Cialis is one of those types of drugs. They advertise them, cialis, viagra, etc, like they are jsut regular drugs, rather then for those who have erectile dysfuntion.

    How many folks actually have matching bathtubs outside overlooking a valley? Woulda been wiser to buy a hot tub 🙂

  5. Nixon1971 says:

    Well, for a young (33) married male WITH ED like myself, I see the need for the drug, but certainly not all the advertising. I think that’s something that should be between a patient and his doctor (oh, and now a large section of the blogosphere I suppose.)

    I’m no medical expert, but I think a four hour erection could start messing up your blood flow.

    Or maybe Doctors just like physical accomplishments like this,and want you to see them for their own curiosity.

  6. MissPatriot says:

    Maybe next time I go to the dr. I’ll ask about that emergency thing.

    I wonder if anyone has gone to an emergency room for that.

    Hey Nixon1971, I think it’s great that you sought help for ED.

    Did any of you notice the commercial for Levitra (I think that’s the one)? There’s a candle flame that looks awfully similar to the female anatomy. *blushes* I pointed it out to my hubby and he was shocked.

    Or maybe I’m just a paranoid perv. LOL You know, subliminal messages and all that.

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