NK Nukes: To Negotiate or Not

Throughout the entire North Korean nuclear controversy, it is obvious to everyone that what they want is handouts from the US. That is why that want unilateral talks with the US, rather then the 6 party talks that have been going on. This is not the first time that NK has pulled this shenanigan. Charles Pritchard, a former special envoy to North Korea has stated that:

"I think the North Koreans simply took a look at this and said that next round is not going to be advantageous to us; we don’t want to attend," Pritchard said.

He said he believes the North created the accusation that the United States has a hostile policy in order to avoid facing the music on selling nuclear materials abroad.

While the North Koreans rationalize developing nuclear weapons by saying they need them for defense, they have not found a reason yet for selling nuclear materials abroad or, for that matter, heroin and amphetamines, Pritchard said.

The US government has known that North Korea has had nukes for years, and nuclear materials usable in weapons for over a decade. Some have suggested that we use the military option, but, this is not the best option, since the North Koreans could easily destroy Seoul, a city of over 5 million, quite easily with conventional weapons. It is not very far from the DMZ. The best solution that has come out so far is to put pressure on China to control their client state by informing them loudly that if they will not clamp down on North Korea, then Nation-States that are pro-US, such as Taiwan my receive some nuclear weapons.

How soon will the Dems complain about the US not participating in the unilateral talks with North Korea, in direct contrariness to their bloviation about "going it alone" so often during the campaign?

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2 Responses to “NK Nukes: To Negotiate or Not”

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    I like it.

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