Kofi “shocked”

Yes, it’s yesterdays news, but, one recieves quite a bit of hits when you google "UN and sucks." 739,000, in fact.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Friday he was "shocked" by an initial investigative report that found the man in charge of the U.N. oil-for-food program made illicit oil deals.

I’m shocked that he is shocked. This has been hinted at and reported for quite some time now. Benon Sevan has been one of the chief targets of the investigation, due to him being the head of the program.

"We do not want this shadow to hang over the U.N. So we want to get to the bottom of it, get to the truth and take appropriate measures to deal with the gaps," he told reporters at U.N. headquarters in New York.

Then perhaps Kofi and the rest of the UN shouldn’t have stonewalled the investigation.

"I think I’m not the only one who was shocked by what we read in the report," Annan said. "He’s been here working with many of us for quite a time, and we had not expected anything of the sort."

Yes you are. The only others who are "shocked" are the lefties who wanted to believe that the UN was great, and couldn’t have done something like the OFF scandal. Of course, that is just because they hate bush and Republicans.

The big question is whether the investigation ends here, or it is allowed to continue.

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