It’s Mr. Howards Neighborhood

More good news from Down Under.

Australia’s John Howard has captured control of his country’s Senate, making him the most powerful prime minister in 24 years.

Final counting of votes from the 9 October election showed Mr Howard’s coalition won 39 of 76 Senate seats.

It means he becomes the first man in decades to control both the upper and lower houses of parliament.

Mr. Kerry’s little sister actually did do a wonderful job at influencing the Australian elections. My knee jerk reaction is that her, and by extension Kerry’s, meddling in the Aussie’s elections backfired.

Read on in the article, and you notice something I love:

He is expected to press ahead with the sale of the government’s remaining 51% stake in communications giant Telstra.

Privatization. Don’t avast.

Other then Great Britian, the Aussie’s are are best and most trusted allies. If there is something happening, they are there. Willingly. Scare tactics do not work on them. These are folks who constantly surf in waters infested with sharks and sea snakes. Who do a walk about in the Outback because it is there. Who live with Funnel Web spider in Sydney. Who have Steve Erwin as one of their most recognizable icons, a man who wrestles croc’s and plays with snakes. Terrorists won’t scare them, and neither did Kerry’s sister.

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One Response to “It’s Mr. Howards Neighborhood”

  1. Ogre says:

    Aye, and they’ve got a nice accent, doncha know?

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