Great White Shark

This past September, several bloggers, including myself, made mention of a Great White Shark that had been captured and was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As of October 18th, she was doing fine. I am waiting for a reply to the aquarium, to see how she is doing at this time, though, if something was going wrong, I believe it would have made the news. Check the link for information on her, and Great Whites in general. The big thing is that she is eating and swimming.

Update, 10/27, 8:18pm (EST) The Monterey Bay Aquarium has responded to my inquiry, for which I thank them. Apparently:

She’s approximately 4-5 months old and thriving in the exhibit, eating an average of 3-4 pounds of salmon or mackerel every other day. She is responding well to the food offerings and, we are learning a lot about her general behavior, especially noting when she appears to be hungry.

She has a calm tail beat and she navigates the exhibit well, staying near the surface most of the time, but hanging around the lower levels at particular times of day (early morning and mid afternoon).

A Great White has never been kept alive in captivity for long before. It seems to be a good sign that she is doing well.

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