More on Tillman and Plummer

Nice editorial at the Denver Post regarding Jake the Snake honoring Pat Tillman.

Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is in hot water for doing the right thing, or at least for doing a very good thing.

For honoring his fallen friend Pat Tillman by wearing a small logo on his helmet, he faces up to $30,000 in fines from the uniform police at the National Football League.

Plummer was Tillman’s college roommate and professional teammate, and it’s only natural that he might feel special loyalty to the man who signed up for military service and gave up his lucrative football contract shortly after Sept. 11, 2001. He died in Afghanistan in April.

Plummer wears a simple, small black circle with the No. 40 imprinted on it on the back of his helmet. The NFL has rules against such adornments, and they’ve warned Plummer he’ll be fined $30,000, but then they haven’t actually fined him.

The NFL really needs to consider the consequences of fining Jake for this, and what kind of negative publicity it can generate.

PS: in a previous post, I said Tillmans # was 50. It is, as noted, 40. My bad.

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