Ceding Iran to the Europeans

Quick live blog. Edwards talks about ceding responsibility to the Europeans for the Iranian nuclear danger. So, European countries are ok to help us in Iraq, but not capable to deal with Iran? Why would we want countries to who cannot deal with non combat toughness to help with combat? And sanctions? They have worked wonders in Iraq and Lybia, eh?

Also, if we could do this every 3-5 nights, I would not miss hockey. Getting real chippy. Can you imagine if they were standing up?

More: Edwards has mentioned a “long resume and how it doesn’t make a better President.” Does he realize that he just smacked down John Kerry and his 20 years in the Senate?

More: Edwards whining about paying for this and cutting pay on that. Does he realize that he could have done something as a US Senator?

More: Now it is 5 million who have lost health care. Earlier it was 45 million. Which is it.

Last comment: Senator Gone. I had forgotten about that. About the only thing I like about Edwards is that you never hear about him. The gov’t that governs least governs best.

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