Busy Monday Musings

ECU 7 – Louisville 59. Geez, at this rate I might have to consider changing the name of my Blog, my Pirates are getting a little embarrassing. Maybe I could go with a NJ Devils motif. How about the Devils Den? Na, that is the name of the Devs merchandise site. Devils Playground? Nope, that is the DNC’s home webpage (or W’s, depending on your political orientation.) Devil Pundit? Heck with it, no hockey this year anyhow. Would cheese a few lefties off though, eh? 🙂

How about a Dodgers motif? Please, Just Win 1 Playoff Game. Come late, Leave Early? Or, SanFran Sucks! ? (PS: Dodgers over Yanks in 6)

NY Giants, how about, Are You Just Teasing Me? Or Get your Red Hot Hoffa. Ah, it just sounds like more work. (Giants 31, Cowboy 13)

Baltimore needs to keep Priest Holmes in check, since I am only up by 10 points in Fantasy. Shoulda played the Giants D rather then Carolina’s, would have left me a comfortable margine. Sigh…

PS: Kerry still sucks, and I really believe that W is going to beat him around the head regarding how much Kerry’s plans will cost. Also, if we told the Germans that they wouldn’t be in combat, but doing garrison work, would they come? France can give them 2 really good referrences, since they are intimately familiar with the German Army’s work.

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2 Responses to “Busy Monday Musings”

  1. Ogre says:

    Nah, just keep the Pirate motif because pirates are cool. You can always focus on the pirates of old, rather than the ECU pirates!

  2. Thanks, Ogre. I have to remember the Pirates who were in the NCAA World Series, and the ones who won the Peach Bowl. Plus, getting that graphic just right is a nightmare.

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