Kerry on Iraq, Part un, Internationalization

You know, I rarely use profanity on my blog or on forums. But, I must write, “Who is Kerry f’ing kidding?”

After insulting allies and shredding alliances, this President does not have the trust and confidence to bring others to our side in Iraq. But we must rebuild and lead strong alliances so that others will share the burden with us in Iraq and elsewhere.

Like Kerry and Co have insulted Allawi? Like Kerry’s sister runnign round Australia, trying to influence their elections and weaken their relationship with the US? Like dismissing our 30+ allies in Iraq as the “coalition of the bribed and coerced?” You know what? F*ck France and Germany, which is what both have said to any involvement in Iraq, no matter who is president of the US.

John Kerry and John Edwards believe the President needs to:

Persuade NATO to make the security of Iraq one of its global missions and to deploy a portion of the force needed to secure and win the peace in Iraq.

How? Please illuminate us. Cause many NATO members are already involved. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Great Britain and the US, of course. 16 of 26 NATO members, with Spain having run. That is over 50%.

Convene a summit of the world’s major powers as well as states in the region, and key Arab and Muslim nations, followed by a standing Contact Group to consult on the way forward, and press them to make good on the steps called for in UN Security Council Resolution 1546: providing troops; providing trainers for Iraq’s security forces; providing a special brigade to protect the U.N. mission; and providing more financial assistance and real debt relief. Offer potential troop contributors specific and relatively low-risk but critical roles, such as training Iraqi security personnel and securing Iraq’s borders.

The UN. Yeah, riiigghhht. The UN doesn’t want to send anyone in till it is safe. They have said so.

The worlds major powers? Russia and China are the only 2 major powers not involved. Germany might be worthwhile if we needed garrison work. France became very familiar with that capacity during 2 World Wars.

Give other countries a stake in Iraq’s future by encouraging them to help develop Iraq’s oil resources and by letting them bid on contracts instead of locking them out of the reconstruction process.

So bribe countries? Perhaps we can put the UN back in charge. They wanted no piece of the action even after voting on Resolution 1441 (not to mention 16 other Resolutions), so why should they get a piece of what our soldiers have worked hard for? Does Iraq have a say in this, John?

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