If All You See…

…is rain which is totally worse because Other People refuse to give up their fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The People’s Cube, with a post on blaming Trump for Florence.

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Florence Brings A Deadly Hotcoldwetdry Message Or Something

The always Excitable Jill Filipovic, who usually focuses more on murdering the unborn, takes time out of her busy schedule of flying between NYC and South Africa to fearmonger on Hurricane Florence, because, this is what the nutters in the Cult of Climastrology do

Florence’s deadly message

As people race away from the coast, many making the ghastly calculation of what to put in the car, what to do if their home is destroyed, and how many artifacts of their lives may be lost, the rest of us — and certainly those who hold political power — need to heed the urgent message of Florence: climate change is real and we need long-term solutions.

Having longtime emergency response plans in place is great. But changing weather patterns, rising sea levels and receding coastlines mean that this won’t be enough: these emergencies are going to come more often, and they are going to be more devastating. Florence, for example, is projected to near Category 5 status as it approaches warm coastal waters. By comparison, Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, was a Category 3 storm whose profound effects — and numerous deaths — came from a storm surge.

This was updated at 528pm Thursday. At no point during that day was anyone talking about Florence being upgraded to a Category 5. It was originally meant to be published on the 11th, but, CNN might have said “yeah, bad idea to run with this on September 11.” Even on Tuesday, there really wasn’t any talk of strengthening to a Cat 5. A Cat 3, yes, but not a 5

Disaster prevention, and not just relief, needs to be a government obligation. That means making the tough calculation that certain parts of the country may be in areas that are beyond saving; people should be assisted in moving to safer locales.

Yes, because Los Federales can stop nature.

Companies that are leading polluters have long benefited from American corporate welfare, and now regular Americans all pay the price. These companies should shoulder a much bigger part of the burden by paying their fair share of taxes, and being held significantly financially accountable if they violate environmental regulations (this is of course assuming we have even marginally decent environmental regulations to begin with).

And none of them will pass on the costs of all the ‘climate change’ related stuff on, right?

Like nearly everything else in America, the bad outcomes of this setup fall along racial and class lines, borne disproportionately by those who already have the fewest resources. People who are wealthy or even stable and middle class can afford to think ahead and buy insurance for their homes; those who live month to month — a vast swath of the American population — may not be able to afford it. Or, more likely, they may be renting a place to begin with and will find themselves homeless after a storm.

And, of course, raaaaacism. Interestingly, all the Cult of Climastrology policies would impact the poor and “minorities” the most.

Just look at the effort already under way to evacuate coastal regions ahead of Florence, and compare it with the treatment of people in Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States, and which was devastated by a hurricane a year ago this month. Thousands of Americans died, and it’s telling that we aren’t even sure of how many — maybe 3,000, maybe 4,000.

Where do people on an island evacuate to? Sorry, sorry, she has Narrative.

We can’t turn back the clock. But we must get ahead of what’s coming — and if Republicans aren’t going to do it, it’s imperative to vote them out of office and demand that Democrats take immediate action.

And that’s the real message: vote Democrat. And they’ll use a natural disaster to push this.

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National Guardsman Explains The Reality Of The 9/11 Trump Double Fist Pump

You may have seen things like this flying around in the Leftist news media and the unhinged coalitions

Perhaps we should ask someone who was there


President Donald Trump delivered a double fist pump as he walked away from Air Force One on Tuesday, en route to a 9/11 memorial ceremony at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania — and while a number of critics immediately attacked the move as “disrespectful,” one National Guardsman told The Daily Caller that everything was not exactly as it seemed.

“The POTUS landed at our Johnstown flight facility, a military installation owned by the Reserves and the National Guard,” he said, “and, well, prior to his arrival, we were allowed to gather in this designated area to greet him prior to his boarding a helicopter and flying to the Flight 93 memorial service.”

The service member, who asked to remain anonymous, told TheDC that the double fist pump was a greeting to the gathered crowd, which included a number of members of the military and their families and supporters.

“As he approached us soldiers, marines, and airmen, many were shouting and waving at him. That is when he did the ‘double fist pump’ — he was genuinely happy to say hello and shake hands, and you could tell he was proud to be greeted by ‘his’ military members.”

The Guardsman went on to say

I am telling you this because not even an hour later, the press was criticizing him for doing that on hallowed ground, and he should have been more respectful of the heroes of Flight 93. Well, I got to see FIRSThand how biased the liberal media is towards him. They took a photo completely twisted it around to make him look bad, and it was nowhere near the truth. And our past president has the nerve to also criticize the POTUS for shunning the media. I wonder why he does. So, that is the truth of what really happened, not the story the media produced or the haters of our president.

And this is why people will continue to hate the media, distrust the media, and continue to support Trump. The just utter contempt, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and bias does all three. And it really isn’t working to hurt Trump. Just the opposite. It forces people to look for other media sources for the reality of what’s going on, and they wonder “why is the media not covering this?” and “why are they portraying something positive as a negative?” The doom and gloom, so often either magnified from an ant hill to a mountain or manufactured, fails.

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NY Times Manages To Link 1950’s Racism And Hurricane Florence

When you see everything through the eyes of putting people in specific boxes based on race, sex, identity, and such, this is what you get, and why we can neither have nice things nor better race relations

This is what is charitably deemed the “straight news” section, where writer Adeel Hassan surely went to his/her boss and said “hey, I’ve got an idea to introduce racism to the hurricane coverage” and the boss went “go with it! Brilliant!” From the link

The places that are most threatened by Hurricane Florence this week, especially along the coast of the Carolinas, were heavily and, in some areas, almost entirely populated and owned by African-Americans a century ago.

100 years ago. Back when the state was run almost exclusively by Democrats.

African-Americans have been driven from their homes in the region for decades, but the decision to leave has not always been theirs to make. In 1950, African-Americans were about a quarter of North Carolina’s population, according to census data. Today, blacks are roughly one-fifth of the total population.

It’s apparently raaaaacist that there are more of others here now, such as Hispanics, Asians, you have a large Indian (nation) population, both as citizens and as those here on Visas. And a large Middle Eastern segment. Plus you get all the white liberals who move down here to escape what their policy beliefs created in the Northeast.

Adeel reached out to Andrew W. Kahrl, a professor of history and African-American studies at the University of Virginia and the author of “The Land Was Ours: African-American Beaches from Jim Crow to the Sunbelt South.” And came up with a history of mean things

You began to see an explosion in coastal development in the 1950s targeting African-American landowners for displacement, often through various speculative schemes that tried to fleece them of their property.

Local governments worked alongside private developers to essentially steal land from black folks through various legal mechanisms. Until the 1950s, Hilton Head Island was where African-American children could grow up without seeing a white face for their entire life. Today, it is a playground for mostly white and wealthy people.

This goes on and on (forgetting that this was also done to white people for that valuable property, as well) before Adeel remembers that this is supposed to be about raaaaacism in a hurricane

People in coastal areas 100 years ago lived much more in harmony with these volatile, mercurial environments. First of all, the areas were sparsely populated, which makes sense because they were highly prone to storms that caused substantial damage.

The folks who lived there had a better understanding of nature’s limits. In the 20th century, the Army Corps of Engineers, federal programs and agencies, local governments, as well as private developers came in. They thought that coastal areas could be stabilized and made suitable for large-scale development.

That has really led to the point where not only do these areas continue to be subject to massive storms, but the sheer number of people who are living in these areas is mind-boggling, given how vulnerable they are.

Kinda like everywhere in this country and so many around the world.

The very types of environmental engineering practices and other measures that aimed to make these areas what they are today, and worked to build up the coastal real estate markets, ultimately did so in ways that were damaging to the environment and unsustainable. They were the very same measures that worked to displace and dispossess black people of their land a century ago.

These are the same areas that are now facing a dire threat from this hurricane.

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People Who Took Long Fossil Fueled Trips Want Other People To Do Something

The hypocrisy on many levels is amazing

Protesters gathering in S.F., say climate change leaders not doing enough

Hundreds of demonstrators crowded the streets of downtown San Francisco Thursday morning, banging drums and chanting as they called on local and world leaders at the Global Climate Action Summit to do more to address climate change and pollution.

“We’re fighting for future generations,” said Dorthea Enrique, who traveled from Detroit to take part in the protest. “We want them to listen to our voices and protect us from corporate greed.”

The morning demonstration comes on day two of the summit, where more than 4,000 elected officials, business executives and environmentalists from six continents are in San Francisco for a three-day conference aimed at addressing carbon emissions and climate change.

These would be the same leaders who just took long fossil fueled trips

Protesters crowded the intersection of Howard and Third Streets outside the Moscone Center, forcing summit delegates to climb over barriers or go around the protest. As the delegates walked past, a protester yelled out, “There’s more than just market-based solutions, folks! The market sucks, suit!” Another encouraged delegates to participate in the protest: “Join us! Join the community, not corporations!”

There were a lot of complaints about companies and such

I see corporate created t-shirts, pants, and jacks. Buckets turned into drums. Hats. Banners that had writing put on them. Sunglasses. Drum sticks. Mobile phones.

Many in the group were indigenous people who traveled from around the country to San Francisco for the summit. They highlighted environmental issues beyond carbon emissions alone. Many said they want to protect the lands they live on from being destroyed by pollution.

And they all walked there, right?

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If All You See…

…is a horrible world killing canine causing floods and drought and hurricanes, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post on Google being a Democratic Party front.

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NY City Nutters Pass Abolish ICE Resolution

How did it come to pass that Democrats are super enthused to protect people who are illegally present in the U.S., who steal the identities and social security numbers of legal citizens, ruining lives, who kill, rape, murder, sexually assault children, rob, steal, commit arson, and so many other crimes? And it’s come to the point that they are demanding that the agency which is tasked with stopping illegals is disbanded


The New York City Council passed a resolution Wednesday calling on the federal government to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which enforces the nation’s immigration laws.

Democratic Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal sponsored the resolution, which passed in a voice vote.

“ICE, under the direction of President [Donald] Trump, has demonstrated an inability to fulfil [sic] its duties without violating due process, human rights, transparency, public accountability, or an adherence to domestic and international law,” the resolution states.

America “does not need an opaque and rogue agency operating in our communities, dehumanizing our neighbors, and acting without consequence,” the resolution adds.

ICE should immediately ramp up operations in NYC, and do it in a highly visible manner. And should see if they can catch illegals, especially those with serious criminal offenses, near where the city council members live.

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Kavanaugh Pressed For More Details On The Super Important Nationals Ticketsgate

Seriously, this is back. Why? Because some people are deranged. And these same people showed little to no interest in investigating things like Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, and other things that occured under the previous POTUS

Kavanaugh offers details on purchases of Nationals tickets that led to thousands in debt

Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh on Wednesday described in detail how he regularly bought Washington Nationals tickets and split the cost with friends — purchases the White House has said led Kavanaugh to accrue tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

The Washington Post reported in July that Kavanaugh ran up credit card debt that the White House has attributed to his purchasing of pricey season tickets for himself and a group of friends. The nominee’s friends have since repaid Kavanaugh — an avid fan of the Nationals baseball team — according to the White House, and the issue did not surface during his two days of public questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This was literally a big fat nothing burger. Yet, it is being revisited because

But the issue arose in written follow-up questions submitted by members of the committee, and Kavanaugh submitted his answers in writing late Wednesday. (snip)

He also wrote in his answers to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), who pressed him on his Nationals ticket purchases and other questions about his finances, that disclosure reports are mainly meant to “identify conflicts of interest.”

In the written questions, Whitehouse had pressed Kavanaugh on several details about his Nationals purchases, including for how many years he had bought season tickets and names of friends with whom the nominee had shared the tickets. Whitehouse also wanted to know if there was a formal financial agreement that laid out the terms of reimbursement between Kavanaugh and his friends who purchased the baseball tickets.

This is what Democrats are concerned with. Baseball tickets, purchased in an utterly legal manner, for which Kavanaugh had some credit card debt prior to being repaid by his friends (for which Whitehouse wondered if there was a formal agreement amongst friends, sheesh), and, suddenly there’s a big concern about conflicts of interest? Really? Democrats really do live in an alternate reality.

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Hot Take: Washington Post Claims Trump Is Complicit For Hurricane Florence

Why? Because he refuses to believe in anthropogenic climate change

This is so deranged I’m not even going to give them a direct link

(Fox News) The editorial board of the Washington Post has declared that President Trump is “complicit” for Hurricane Florence because of his views on climate change.

The massive storm has not made landfall yet, but the Post published a column on Wednesday headlined, “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”

The piece also notes that Trump has given “good advice” when issuing hurricane warnings via his Twitter feed before it launched an attack on the president.

“When it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters,” the editorial board wrote.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ paper then quotes a climate researcher who said that previous hurricanes would not have produced so much rain without “human-induced climate change” and Florence is another indication of global warming.

That’s the new talking point, after having gone through multiple reaction to what’s happening ones, namely, that hurricanes will be fewer but bigger with more rain. Of course, Florence is not cooperating with Warmist prognostication at the moment, having dropped to a Category 2 (there’s still a good chance of jumping back to a 3 as it crosses the gulf stream, a totally natural occurrence).

Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that the mainstream media ‘finds new ways to embarrass themselves and further erode Americans confidence in them” on a daily basis.

“This column is so absurd it should be coming from The Onion not the Washington Post. To the extent that climate change is happening, it is a global phenomenon that has been occurring for decades and decades,” Barron said. “The media won’t give Trump credit for the economy but they will blame him for a hurricane. You can’t make this stuff up.”

If Trump, who has not even been in office for two years, is complicit, than how about the Washington Post, which uses vast amounts of fossil fuels to gather, create, and disseminate the news?

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Good News: EU Climastrology Law Could Cause “Catastrophic Deforestation”

Gee, who could have seen this coming, as Climaweenie rules and laws jack up the cost of other power, replacing it with unreliable wind and solar?

EU climate law could cause ‘catastrophic’ deforestation

Senior climate scientists say that the world’s carbon sinks could be facing a grave threat from a wholly unexpected source: the EU’s renewable energy directive.

The climate law could suck in as much imported wood as Europe harvests each year because it will count energy created from the burning of whole trees as “carbon neutral”, according to several academics including a former vice-chair of the UN IPCC.

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, who is now a climate sciences professor at Université Catholique de Louvain, said the risk of the directive encouraging tree clearances and the destruction of global carbon sinks was now “extremely high”.

Indonesia and Brazil were among 27 countries which pledged “to increase the use of wood … to generate energy as part of efforts to counter climate change” at the Bonn climate summit last year.

Without additional conservation measures, “the directive in its present form will create a large demand for wood that will contribute to destroying those forests,” van Ypersele said. “It is a catastrophe in the making.”

With the EU, and these other countries, you will see over-harvesting which cannot be supplanted by planting saplings, which take time to grow. All to attempt to mitigate junk science. These idiots will destroy the environment for this.

(If you saw this pop up at 1, I meant to set it for 3)

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