UN IPCC To Come Out With New Doomsaying Report

The report they came out with right before the nice working vacation even in Glasgow, with all those private jets and celebs and stuff, apparently wasn’t doomy enough, so, it’s time for another one

IPCC: Climate change report to sound warning on impacts

A new report on the impacts of climate change will likely be the most worrying assessment yet of how rising temperatures affect every living thing.

This will be the second of three major reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its first since November’s COP26 summit.

Scientists and officials will publish their conclusions on 28 February.

The study will focus heavily on regional impacts as well as on cities and coastal communities.

For many major cities and developing countries, the report will highlight that tackling climate change is not about cutting emissions and hitting net zero sometime in the future, but about dealing with far more short-term threats.

So, this one will be all about government micromanaging your life at the local level. What can government do to force you to change your behavior, take your money, take your freedom.

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4 Responses to “UN IPCC To Come Out With New Doomsaying Report”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    Anyone with half a brain can see that the Ukraine situation is all about fossil fuels.

    All of the pipelines from Russia run to the EU through Ukraine first which taxes it quite heavily. I have to laugh at the German Chancellor in all his splendor canceling the latest pipeline that is not even finished. Germany is begging Russia for more energy because in their infinite wisdom they got rid of coal and Nukes and built a lot of wind turbines that keep the country perpetually frozen.

    The left in all its wisdom has wedded itself to the elimination of fossil fuels. As a result everything, and I do mean everything they do is centered around that one obsession.

    So the price at the PUMP is causing fist-pumping by the left. Man on the street interviews reveals people talking about parking their cars. More fist-pumping. Blinken says we need to stabilize the oil market by using the Strategic oil reserve. That shows how ill-informed the man is. The Reserve is for an emergency not stabilizing the world oil supply. Tapping the reserve because of a self-inflicted wound is not going to make any difference.

    And by the way as with Obama they are talking about cutting taxes. LOLOLOLOLOL. The left has lost their minds. They run on taxing the shit out of everyone then when stuff gets bad their first reaction is to CUT TAXES!!!! You can’t make this shit up.


  2. Jl says:

    Like the same doomsday report from 1989? I can’t believe we’re all still here…

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