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Without Smart Charging For EVs The Power Grid Will Collapse

Here’s the thing: it may seem like I’m against EVs, but, actually no. I’ve never been a fan of the pollutants, which doesn’t include CO2, from the use of fossil fuels. Remember how clean the air was during lockdown in 2020? It was wonderful. No smell of exhaust. No smog. But, the problem here, besides […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible 1%er pool sucking up vital resources, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on politicians panicked over Freedom Truckers.

Brandon Not A Fan Of Lifting Masking Rules

This is the same guy who’s been caught not wearing a mask inside, who sometimes wears one sometimes doesn’t outside, doesn’t castigate Jen Psaki or others who are speaking inside while not wearing a mask in contradiction to his executive order Biden acknowledges frustration with Covid rules, but says lifting mask mandates is ‘premature.’ President […]

Your Fault: Winter Storms Caused By Heat Trapping Gases (part lots)

The climate cult just won’t give up How extreme winter storms are connected to climate change and hurting businesses The second powerful winter storm of 2022 hit a large swath of the country in early February. It dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of New York and New England, brought a wintry mix of rain, sleet […]

New Zealand, Australia Have Their Own Anti-Mandate Protests

Australia has seen protests before, but, they were quickly squashed by over-zealous, violent policing. Looks like the Freedom Truckers movement is spreading. People are no longer cowed by government New Zealand plays Barry Manilow to repel parliament protesters Authorities in New Zealand have been playing Barry Manilow’s greatest hits in an attempt to dislodge protesters […]

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