Your Fault: Winter Storms Caused By Heat Trapping Gases (part lots)

The climate cult just won’t give up

How extreme winter storms are connected to climate change and hurting businesses

The second powerful winter storm of 2022 hit a large swath of the country in early February. It dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of New York and New England, brought a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow to our region, and frigid conditions all the way to Texas.

The storm impacted all kinds of businesses, like ProSource of Akron, Ohio, which sells wholesale flooring.

“The largest thing for us was our deliveries. People just don’t run a lot of semi-trucks when it’s storming like that,” said store manager John Reinart.

Business at ProSource slowed way down. Deliveries got pushed into the next week, few customers visited the showroom, and employees couldn’t get to work one morning. “This has been crazy,” Reinart said. “I’m turning 30 in April, and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

You wouldn’t be surprised that this comes from government funded NPR, would you?

Several cities in the Northeastern US have seen record-setting snow in recent years.

It might seem contradictory to think that “global warming” will create historic snowfalls. But not to Jessica Spaccio, a climatologist with the Northeast Regional Climate Center,  managed by NOAA.

We’re seeing not just even warming. What we’re seeing [is] more extreme events and changes and variability in our weather,” she said.

Does this mean there was no snow during the Little Ice Age? That the last glacial age was super warm? Anyhow, the piece continues to attempt to Justify the cult beliefs that cold and heavy snow is caused by carbon pollution.

Michigan ski resort chiefs call for climate action, reduce own emissions

Leaders at two up north ski resorts recently called for faster climate action – even federal carbon taxes – to stave off the effects of the escalating climate crisis on Michigan’s signature four seasons.

Chief executives at both Crystal Mountain and Boyne Mountain resorts in northern Lower Michigan said sustainability efforts at the all-seasons resorts may help offset their operational carbon footprints, but argued bigger, systems-wide actions are needed to prevent an irreparable intensification of the effects of climate change – effects that will impact not just resort operations, but everyone on the planet.

They could start by giving up the use of fossil fuels to heat, run, and maintain the resorts, and tell all skiers they are not allowed to arrive in fossil fueled vehicles. Let’s see how that goes.

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7 Responses to “Your Fault: Winter Storms Caused By Heat Trapping Gases (part lots)”

  1. Down on the Corner says:

    Science used to be real until Mann Invented the hockey stick which was turned into a Cudgel to beat disbelievers into submission.

    The same stick has been used to beat unbelievers into submission, literally with VAX Mandates and Mask mandates and stay-at-home mandates.

    Now that that is not working even the great Leftist society of Canada is dropping their mandates like hot potatoes and returning to normal CAUSE THE SCIENCE SAYS SO.

    Not Sleepy Joe though. No one can wake him up until after the 2022’s. I am sure we will see a new surge next Sept-OCT. Requiring that all voters must VOTE BY MAIL and here we will mail out 600000000000000000 ballots just fill one out and mail it for free to your local election center where we will count it in the dark, at night, with the blinds drawn, just to show you how transparent our elections are.

    Bye, Bye, MS. American Pie, Drove my government CHEVY to the levy, Because the levy was dry. Good OLD BOYS saying WEAR THEM MASKS, The day, OUR FREEDOMS DIED!!

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: giving up the use of fossil fuels to heat, run, and maintain the resorts, and tell all skiers they are not allowed to arrive in fossil fueled vehicles

    Funny how “freedom-loving” right-wingers always prescribe forcing others to do stuff.

  3. Unkle C says:

    What is being prescribed is ‘Lead by Example’, a time honored management / leadership technique. No one on the ‘right’ is prescribing forcing others to do stuff, only asking for leadership by example.
    If the left were to give up everything they whine about and people started getting the unicorns and rainbows the left is promising, then they might have a more convincing argument. Show us how well it works.

  4. Hairy says:

    Lead by example ? Like trumpy did by not paying taxes? Playing golf instead of doing his job?
    Mostvski areas make efforts to reduce and mitigate their carbon footprint. Many ski areas have closed permanently donto a lack of natural snow. Big ski areas often ask their electric service supplier to source from renewable energy sources. Others like Killington are planting 50000 trees. Probably like other fleetvowners they will steadily increase their buying of EVs.
    I didn’t watch the superbowl but I did watch some of the commercials and noticed EVs being featured.

  5. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Again Hairy, your deranged TDS psychopathy ruins your comment. You really got it bad. Almost as bad as dOwd. Trump paid his taxes in case you missed all the kerfuffle. He paid every penny due or he wouldn’t still be walking around free. You fascists would see to that. Now, have you been audited 157 times? Have you paid all your taxes? Could you get through 157 audits?
    Do you think it’s fair and American to just keep harassing someone constantly with all kinds of lawfare just because you don’t like him?

    At what point in time will you leftists stop harassing Trump? You’ve “investigated” him for 2 years at a taxpayer cost of $40 million (which should be taken out of the DNC assets) and came up exonerated, was impeached twice (once out of office which is pathetic) and never found guilty, had his assets scrutinized by every media hack on earth, investigated by fascist DA’s across the nation for anything, had his family legally and personally harassed and assaulted, been slandered and libeled to no end yet you crazy bastards won’t say it’s over.

    When is enough enough, Hairy? When do you see what you have become and try to become a human again?

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