New Zealand, Australia Have Their Own Anti-Mandate Protests

Australia has seen protests before, but, they were quickly squashed by over-zealous, violent policing. Looks like the Freedom Truckers movement is spreading. People are no longer cowed by government

New Zealand plays Barry Manilow to repel parliament protesters

Authorities in New Zealand have been playing Barry Manilow’s greatest hits in an attempt to dislodge protesters camped outside the parliament building.

Songs by the US singer are being played on a 15-minute loop, along with the Spanish dance tune, Macarena.

The demonstrators, who are angry at Covid-19 vaccine mandates, responded by playing songs such as Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It.

The protests began on Tuesday when a convoy of vehicles drove to parliament.

Inspired by large rallies against vaccine mandates in Canada, hundreds of protesters arrived in the capital, Wellington, to rally against Covid restrictions.

They adopted the name “Convoy for Freedom” and blocked streets in the city.

The Powers That Be do not like the servants daring to protest against government authority, hence, they’re trying to force them out. And, have arrested many for peaceably protesting.

Tactics used by the authorities to try and get rid of the protesters involved turning on the water sprinklers on the lawn where they were camped on Friday.

But protesters retaliated by digging trenches and building makeshift drainpipes to re-route the water, the Associated Press news agency reports.

New Zealanders might have been beaten down during the pandemic, because they rather had no choice. Many are no longer willing to take it.

Australian police urge protesters to leave capital

Australian police have given thousands of protesters until the end of Sunday to leave occupied areas of the country’s capital, as days-long rallies continue against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Several thousand protesters remained in place at Canberra’s major showgrounds, while fewer than 100 demonstrators were gathered near the federal parliament building, an Australian Capital Territory (ACT) police spokesperson told Reuters.

No protesters in Canberra had been arrested so far on Sunday after three were detained on Saturday.

“They must be out by today,” the police spokesperson said, declining to say what action authorities would take if protesters refused to comply with demands to leave.

So far, they aren’t leaving. How dare the peasants refuse to Comply with their masters!

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10 Responses to “New Zealand, Australia Have Their Own Anti-Mandate Protests”

  1. Down on the Corner says:

    OMG New ZEALAND is in a panic.

    So how are they faring? There are currently 39 people in hospital with the virus – none in the ICU.


    Protests calling for the removal of Prime Minister Manasseh have spiraled into riots, multiple deaths, and a humanitarian crisis. On Wednesday, the New Zealand Government announced it will make an “immediate response” to “help restore peace and stability”.

    The protesters, who have been voicing their opposition to coronavirus vaccine mandates, responded to the soaking from the sprinklers by digging trenches and installing makeshift drainpipes to divert the water.

    Why is it universally that people are willing to stare down death to let their BODIES do the fighting for them against a disease with a 1 percent death rate? This is not Ebola or Polio.

    LOL, and the authoritarians are using LOUD MUSIC to torment the protestors. LOLOLOL. The same tactic DISDAINED BY THE LEFT for MUSLIM EXTREMISTS to break down and talk!!!!!

    GOD you have to shake your head in AWE at THE SCIENCY LEFT.
    The left cannot fathom people that are NOT AFRAID of shit. These are usually the people who sign up for the military. SkyDive. Climb Mountains. Are Adrenaline Junkies. And you know what some of those people die, but damn it they died doing what they loved.

    AND if the Vaccines and masks work. Then those that are afraid need to war masks and get triple and quadruple vaxxed and they are protected against people that are willing to risk death or serious ilness rather than pump medicine in their bodies they don’t trust.

  2. Hairy says:

    Let’s get rid of all mandates!
    Seat belts go next!!
    My body. My choice
    My kid, not the states

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Hairy, what is it with you and seat belts? You do realize one needn’t wear a seat belt and seat belts are not injected into your body with little testing behind them. BTW, I don’t wear seat belts. Too restrictive.

      You disagree with My body, my choice? Explain.
      You disagree with My kid, not the states? Explain.

      The greatest possession a person owns is his body. One’s body is the foundation of all private property. The second greatest possession is his progeny. No human belongs to the state. There is something inherently wrong with Democrats and fascists where they seem to instinctively believe the state owns the people.

      Brandon is running out of time. Thank God.

  3. Est1950 says:

    I have been warning anyone who will listen for at least fifteen years that the Internet is going to lead to worldwide Anarchy.

    Covid-19 was the final straw. In the interim what caused me the greatest concern was to see the MSM choosing sides. Rather than simply being a voice of truth that could be trusted, there is literally no one in the MSM that anyone trusts, and that Includes SKY, FOX, Newsmax, OAAN, etc. I would list those that have joined the leftist side but I would be here for hours listing those networks around the globe.

    Around the world, people are protesting. The left is denying anything for poor countries having their agent’s trash talk anything not approved by Pfizer or Merck. The world is left to fend for themselves with homebrews of chicken soup while the rich and wealthy WEST pokes their arms repeatedly with drugs to help them survive a relatively serious disease.

    And they wonder why people are rioting. It will only grow worse until the left has been purged. And I am sorry but it is the authoritarian left that is the root cause of all the problems facing the world led by Russia, China, Iran, and other city-states opposed to freedoms that all mankind has come to enjoy.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Mr Est may be right. Right-wing anarchists advocate anarchy around the globe equating license with freedom.

      The “Experts” don’t know anything!!

      Your personal autonomy matters more than any obligation to your fellow citizens!!

      The scientific method is dishonest!!

      Doctors, governments, scientists, teachers all lie all the time!!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      And if you feel right-wing authoritarians (RWAs), once in control, will respect your “freedoms”, you’re in for rude awakenings!! You’ll be OK as long as you obey.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      New Zealand may be doing something right, having only some 50 deaths so far.

      50 deaths in 5 million citizens… not a bad record.

      Ireland has had over 6000 deaths amongst their 5 million.

      In America, similarly populated Kentucky has had over 13,000 deaths from Covid.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Having thought about it, we’ve concluded the anarchists/populists are right – we should dismantle the entire federal gov’t and let “natural law” prevail! Clean slate!

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