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US Oil And Gas Responds To Brandon’s Twitter Intern

So, the White House Twitter intern decided he/she were being Super Smart My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril. Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the […]

If All You See…

…is a cloudless sky causing drought from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on Orlando eating crow after their July 4th hot take.

Unhinged Democrats Find It Hard To Be Patriotic On Independence Day

It’s weird how Democrats always seem to find a reason to hate on America every July 4th, pretty much going back to the late 60’s, but, we see a lot more of this during the Internet era ‘It’s hard to be patriotic this Independence Day’ For many, the Fourth of July is synonymous with jubilation; […]

Happy Independence Day (sticky post)

It’s never a bad time to be an American

Warmists Sound A Bit Insurrectiony In Wanting To Fight Back Against SCOTUS ‘Climate Change’ Decision

Hey, if they really want to Do Something, let them make their own lives carbon neutral, right? Don’t let SCOTUS undo decades of progress on climate change The decision by a majority of six ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices to limit the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate rising carbon dioxide emissions was expected but is […]

HHS Head Becerra Super Excited To Overturn Dobbs Decision

Has anyone informed Becerra that the Dobbs decision leaves it up to the States to decide whether abortion on demand will be legal, and to what extent? Top White House official says he’s optimistic Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade will not stand long Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on Sunday said […]

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