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Bummer: Climate Crisis (scam) Is Seen In Your Menu

These hysterical, deranged, phrenetic climate cultists really are almost flat earthers, thinking that things on Earth should never ever change. And the crap they come up with to write about is very, very silly You Can Spot Climate Change in Old Restaurant Menus Vancouver, British Columbia, is nothing short of a seafood paradise. Situated at […]

If All You See…

…is the symbol of an evil fossil fueled vehicle maker, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on the Obama/Biden EPA power grab getting blown up. Had the perfect photo for mixing fishing and Go USA! for the Independence Day […]

New York Quickly Passes Law Banning Concealed Carry From “Sensitive Location”

They probably think their being passively aggressive towards the Supreme Court decision NYC’s iconic Times Square among ‘sensitive locations’ where guns to be banned in New York The Crossroads of the World is among the “sensitive places” where guns could be banned as lawmakers seek to strengthen New York’s gun laws in response to a […]

New Hot Idea: Tax Credits To Fight Gas Prices And ‘Climate Change’

Tax credits? Like letting you keep more of your own money? On your tax returns? How tax credits can help fight soaring fossil fuel prices — and climate change As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, people in highway rest stops and grocery stores across the country this weekend will be feeling the […]

Insane: Maryland, Delaware To Allow Non-Physicians To Perform Abortions

This is the kind of overboard insanity from the abortion fanatics that caused the Court to take the case and kill off Roe v Wade. If they had just stayed with Clinton’s “safe, legal, and rare”, instead of treating it like it’s contraception and celebrate it like a child’s birthday Maryland law expanding who can […]

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