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If All You See…

…is an inland area flood from Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on fewer veterans recommending service.

With COVID Sort Of Raging Again, States Have No New Plans Or Something

Because all their plans worked so well before, right? Covid cases are skyrocketing again. States have no new plans. State health officials are out of ideas. They’ve told people to wear masks, socially distance and avoid crowds. They’ve reminded people about the availability of life-saving therapeutics. They’ve pleaded with people to get vaccinated and boosted. […]

Will Brandon Declare A Climate (scam) Emergency Wednesday?

If he does, he’ll do it in the most climahypocrite manner possible Let me get this straight: Biden will take a fossil fueled helicopter flight to the airport, then a FF jumbo jet with a backup and protected by FF fighter jets, then a large FF convoy of SUVs to complain about #ClimateCrisisScam? https://t.co/flvku1JLNo — […]

Bummer: There’s A Brain Drain Of Abortion Lovers Leaving Red State

Hey, if they want to go, well, bye now. Take your baby killing ways with you (behind the paywall LA Times piece here) Column: As professionals flee antiabortion policies, red states face a brain drain A few days ago, a university headhunter reached out to Elizabeth T. Jacobs, a professor of epidemiology at the University […]

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