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EV Makers Starting To Notice The Use Of “Forced Labor”

It’s a very sanitary way of say “indentured servitude” and “slavery”, eh? Chinese Lithium Giant Pulls EVs Deeper Into Forced Labor Glare A lithium producer for carmakers including BMW AG and Tesla Inc. is beginning work to assess battery metals projects in Xinjiang, deepening links between electric vehicle supply chains and a region at the […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded by Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Real Climate Science, with a post on “global heat waves.”

Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Case Causing A War On California Gun Laws Or Something

The LA Times seems pretty upset that law abiding citizens would get their Constitutional rights back, and starts out with a story that shows the exact problem with red flag and overly-permissive gun seizure laws (Yahoo News version here) War on California gun laws revs up after Supreme Court’s ‘right to carry’ decision For years, […]

Climate Cult Is Coming After The National Weather Service

Apparently, the NWS is paying enough lip service to the doctrine of the climate as they put out (checks notes) short term weather forcasts The National Weather Service Is Unwittingly Obscuring Reality of Global Warming (lots of typical doomsaying on warming which is short on proof of anthropogenic causation) For example, in Austin, Texas, where […]

Surprise: RiseUp Abortion Group Seems To Be Front For Radical Communist Group

The hell you say! Prominent Pro-Abortion Group Appears To Be Front For Radical Revolutionary Communists A prominent pro-abortion activist group downplaying its association with the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) shares significant infrastructure and leadership with the radical outfit’s other offshoot groups, a Daily Caller analysis has found. Although RiseUp4AbortionRights seems like most other pro-abortion groups […]

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