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Climate Nutters Slashing Tires In Primarily Democrat Cities

These cultists better think twice about doing it in Republican run areas Climate activists expand tire-slashing operation beyond NYC. Here are the cities they’ve hit The U.K. climate group whose members deflated tires on an estimated 40 vehicles in New York City last month recently announced similar actions in cities nationwide. The Tyre Extinguishers, which […]

Would It Surprise You That 62% Of Biden’s People Have No Business Experience?

Earlier I mentioned a The Hill article on inflation, and how most of Biden’s people, and Biden himself, have little to no experience in the private sector. And now we learn specifics Exclusive — Ship of Fools: 62 Percent of Biden Officials Who Handle Economic Policy Have Zero Years Business Experience Per Report An explosive […]

Democrats Continue To Push For Economy Damaging Climate Scam Deal

Democrats know they have to figure a way to push through this scam garbage through, because they will lose the mid-terms. If Republicans had any brains, instead of living in their D.C. bubble, they’d push hard for legislation saying that any Democrat who sponsors, cosponsers, supports, and/or votes of climate bills has to practice what […]

The Government Has Tried To Do Something About Inflation Or Something

Even though there are a few points where this The Hill piece softly slaps the Biden administration, it mostly seems to be taking the position of “well, Los Federales tried, but, you dumb citizens aren’t helping.” Now, if this were happening under Trump, the headline and Blamestorming would be much different, including the headline The […]

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