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Biggest Reason People Don’t Want And EV Is Charging Logistics

It’s actually surprising, I would have thought it would be cost Electric car survey finds this as the biggest reason preventing people from buying them A survey of U.S. adults has found that the logistics of where and when they would be able to charge an electric car is the largest barrier preventing them from […]

If All You See…

…are horrible carbon pollution driven Bad Weather clouds, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on leftism being a ideology of perpetual victimhood and misery.

Josh Hawley Says Democrats Have Lost Their Minds After “Transphobic” Debate

Well, yes, they have lost their minds. They lost them back when George W. Bush was president, which is when the term barking moonbat came about. They were worse when Bush won in 2004. Then they started getting very weird when Obama was president, and then pure bat-guano insane with Trump as president. And even […]

States Step With Climate Crisis (scam) Action After Court Ruling

Well, yes, they can. What the WV v EPA ruling said was that Los Federales shouldn’t be passing massive regulations from the Executive Branch, they should come from the Legislative Branch. Which includes state legislatures After Supreme Court limits federal ability to combat climate change, states step in The Supreme Court’s restriction of the Environmental […]

Apparently, Americans Can’t Handle Their Guns, So We Need To Repeal The 2nd

The elites, and those who think they are elites, like the USA Today’s Carli Pierson, a member of their editorial board, really think that law abiding citizens can’t handle their guns (you can also read at Yahoo News, not behind a paywall) Americans can’t handle their guns. Time to repeal the 2nd Amendment. We must […]

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