States Step With Climate Crisis (scam) Action After Court Ruling

Well, yes, they can. What the WV v EPA ruling said was that Los Federales shouldn’t be passing massive regulations from the Executive Branch, they should come from the Legislative Branch. Which includes state legislatures

After Supreme Court limits federal ability to combat climate change, states step in

electric vehicleThe Supreme Court’s restriction of the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions has led to calls for governors in blue states to launch initiatives to combat climate change.

“We’ve got to double down, quadruple down, here in California and in blue states all across America,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, said on June 30, in response to the ruling handed down that day in West Virginia v. EPA, which held that the EPA may not require electric utilities to move away from coal-fired power plants.

And in fact states do have considerable power to reduce the emissions causing climate change, since they are actually the primary regulator of the companies that deliver electricity to consumers.

“Constitutionally, states can do a lot of things within their own boundaries to address greenhouse gases,” Barry Rabe, a professor of environmental policy at the University of Michigan, told Yahoo News. “We’ve seen this now for about a quarter-century — some states have tried a pretty wide range of efforts, for the most part working on their own, although in a few cases working together across state borders or boundaries. So I would say the sky’s the limit.”

Go for it, climate cult states. Let’s see how that works out for your economies and energy sector. If only there was a way to restrict the people who vote for this to be forced to stay in their states, rather than escaping.

One major option that states possess to regulate greenhouse gas emissions is the power to dictate the sources of energy used by their electric utilities.

Do it! I triple dog dare you. Every experiment needs experimental groups.

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4 Responses to “States Step With Climate Crisis (scam) Action After Court Ruling”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Blue states have supported red states for a long time.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dearest Elwood:

      In case you missed it, it’s called a “union.”

      In the document that the members agreed to live by there are things called “amendments.”

      One of then says that the states can make their own laws, as long as they don’t conflict with the union’s laws.,

      So have at, CA. Destroy yourself.

      In the meantime all of you Red states close down down the military bases and research facilities in your borders. After all CA, NY, IL, WA, OR, et al, don’t want protection for their citizens.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Red states have fed, provided natural resources to and defended blue states for a long time. We realize you commies think of things in only monetary ways but there are other things that make up a nation and pissing on your neighbors is at the bottom of the list you filthy bigoted hate filled commie. Blue cities provide 85% of the crime in America regardless of what state they’re in. Thank you very much.


  3. Professor Hale says:

    This is how things are supposed to work. Governments at all levels should interfere in the lives and prosperity of citizens, not just the federal level. The implied rule that local governments are best suited to interfere still has some merits. Though a Sacramento government cannot be called “local” to Victorville, San Diego, or even Yosemite by any definition.

    While the government of California in particular has created some spectacular failures in the last few decades, their campaign of cleaner air has worked out really well for them. As long as there are other states willing to host the energy production and heavy industry that Californians need, there is a no harm- no foul situation. This is really just an extension of what the USA as a whole has done by outsourcing our “dirty” industries to foreign countries ever since the EPA was created. It turns out, making stuff in places that have less regulation is cheaper and more profitable.

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