With COVID Sort Of Raging Again, States Have No New Plans Or Something

Because all their plans worked so well before, right?

Covid cases are skyrocketing again. States have no new plans.

State health officials are out of ideas.

They’ve told people to wear masks, socially distance and avoid crowds. They’ve reminded people about the availability of life-saving therapeutics. They’ve pleaded with people to get vaccinated and boosted.

As the latest and most transmissible Covid-19 variant has sent case numbers skyward, with hospitalizations and deaths also rising, the response from state officials has been largely muted, a concession to the reality that their messages rarely resonate and that most people — even, and sometimes especially, politicians — are ready to move on.

Most have moved on. We’re done with masking, which did not stop COVID. More people got it, and more people died, during the era of forced masking. My hypothesis is that all the yammering from the Powers That Be about masks protecting us caused people to get too close to each other, easily spreading Wuhan Flu. Telling people to wear masks, forcing them, blew up social distancing. Therapeutics? They told us they were no good while Trump was President. Vaccinated and boosted? More people died with the vaccines around, and, they do not even know if they work for the new variants. How many times do we see a message “I just got COVID. Thank goodness I’m vaxxed and boosted.” Not exactly a winning message

“When you’ve said the same thing over and over about being vaccinated, being boosted, that if you’re vulnerable and you’re indoors with people who are not part of your household and you can’t distance, you need to wear a mask — I mean, the message hasn’t changed since the very beginning,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, told POLITICO. “But the receptivity to the messaging, I mean, there’s only so much of that people are going to consume, and it becomes a diminishing return at some point, too.”

It doesn’t help because a) COVID exploded even with that strategy, and b) they shouldn’t have forced people to practice this strategy. Might have been more compliance, less resistance. Seriously, they forgot the best advice from early on: avoid physical contact, keep your distance, don’t touch your face, wash your hands a lot, and avoid crowds when possible. People are just tired of the current message, especially when we see celebs and politicians not practicing it.

There are no new plans or bold initiatives on the horizon, officials in 10 states told POLITICO, even as much of the South remains unvaccinated and vaccination uptake among children nationwide is well below what state and federal officials would like. Instead, state and federal strategies for managing 130,000 new daily Covid cases in the U.S. are largely the same as they were for managing 30,000 new daily cases four months ago.

What would Politico MEGAN MESSERLY, KRISTA MAHR and ADAM CANCRYN recommend? They don’t have any, and, if you’re complaining without ideas, you’re whining.

The White House Covid team is exploring whether to permit Americans under 50 to get a second booster shot to provide extra protection over the next few months, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

Permit? It wasn’t that long ago when they were saying everyone should get a booster to the booster after 6 months.

An Axios/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday and taken over the weekend found that only 13 percent of Americans believe the government should be increasing mask mandates and vaccine requirements, down from 21 percent in February.

“Policymakers, politicians are highly attuned to public opinion. And right now the public opinion is that we’re kind of done with this,” said Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. “It would take a pretty courageous politician or policymaker to go against that, and there’s not a whole lot of reason to do that right now.”

That 13% are mostly the ones wearing masks everywhere, including their cars. Often with the mask uncovering their nose. The rest of us will not put up with the mandates again.

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20 Responses to “With COVID Sort Of Raging Again, States Have No New Plans Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    Masks were meant to not stop transmission but to reduce transmission
    The red states that were late to mask late to vaccinate all had the highest per capita death rates with the exception of NJ which couldn’t mask early because there were not enough masks available. As a fro time worker in NY we were told that masks originally were in such short supply that only Healthcare workers should get them
    The states that believed Trump ” it is all under control” “it will magically disappear in April when it gets warmer” had tge highest per capita death rates.
    Ivermectin didn’t help

    • CarolAnn says:

      Ivermectin does work if used immediately. Stop lying. Thats why no one believes you people any more. And according to Dr. Scarf she lied to Trump and all of us and misled him/us. But you’ll blame him for the lies of a demofascist in his government. You’re one of those smart educated leftists in blue states? You’re a fool who falls for the scams of charlatans.

      Did ya see the liar AOC carried away in cuffs yesterday and put into the invisible cop car? Another lying dem to vote for.


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Here are the reviews published in 2022 reaching conclusions regarding ivermectin and Covid-19.

        Review Cochrane Database Syst Rev
        . 2022 Jun 21;6(6):CD015017. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD015017.pub3.
        Ivermectin for preventing and treating COVID-19
        Maria Popp 1, Stefanie Reis 1, Selina Schießer 1, Renate Ilona Hausinger 2, Miriam Stegemann 3, Maria-Inti Metzendorf 4, Peter Kranke 1, Patrick Meybohm 1, Nicole Skoetz 5, Stephanie Weibel 1

        Authors’ conclusions: For outpatients, there is currently low- to high-certainty evidence that ivermectin has no beneficial effect for people with COVID-19. Based on the very low-certainty evidence for inpatients, we are still uncertain whether ivermectin prevents death or clinical worsening or increases serious adverse events, while there is low-certainty evidence that it has no beneficial effect regarding clinical improvement, viral clearance and adverse events. No evidence is available on ivermectin to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection. In this update, certainty of evidence increased through higher quality trials including more participants.

        Clin Infect Dis
        2022 Mar 23;74(6):1022-1029. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciab591.
        Ivermectin for the Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
        Yuani M Roman 1, Paula Alejandra Burela 2 3, Vinay Pasupuleti 4, Alejandro Piscoya 5, Jose E Vidal 6 7 8, Adrian V Hernandez 1 5

        Conclusions: Compared with the standard of care or placebo, IVM did not reduce all-cause mortality, LOS, or viral clearance in RCTs in patients with mostly mild COVID-19. IVM did not have an effect on AEs or SAEs and is not a viable option to treat patients with COVID-19.

        Front Pharmacol 2022 Jun 21;13:858693. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2022.858693. eCollection 2022.
        Is Ivermectin Effective in Treating COVID-19?
        Shuangshuang Yang 1 2, Shan Shen 1, Ning Hou 1

        Our systematic review indicated that ivermectin may be effective for mildly to moderately ill patients. There is no clear evidence or guidelines to recommend ivermectin as a therapeutic agent for COVID-19, so physicians should use it with caution in the absence of better alternatives in the clinical setting, and self-medication is not recommended for patients.

        JAMA Netw Open
        . 2022 Mar 1;5(3):e223079. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.3079.
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        Avi Bitterman 1, Caitlin Pestana Martins 2, Ahuva Cices 1, Makarand Prasad Nadendla

        Conclusions and relevance: In this meta-analysis of 12 trials including 3901 patients, strongyloidiasis prevalence was found to interact with the RR of mortality for ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19. No evidence was found to suggest ivermectin has any role in preventing mortality among patients with COVID-19 in regions where strongyloidiasis was not endemic.

        Virol J
        . 2022 Jun 13;19(1):102. doi: 10.1186/s12985-022-01829-8.
        Ivermectin under scrutiny: a systematic review and meta-analysis of efficacy and possible sources of controversies in COVID-19 patients
        Arman Shafiee 1 2, Mohammad Mobin Teymouri Athar 3, Omid Kohandel Gargari 1, Kyana Jafarabady 1, Sepehr Siahvoshi 4, Sayed-Hamidreza Mozhgani 5 6

        Conclusion: Ivermectin did not have any significant effect on outcomes of COVID-19 patients and as WHO recommends, use of ivermectin should be limited to clinical trials.

        Glob Health Epidemiol Genom
        . 2022 Apr 20;2022:4240378. doi: 10.1155/2022/4240378. eCollection 2022.
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        Regarding the use of antibiotics and ivermectin use in treating COVID-19 hospitalized patients, data from our review and WHO v 7.1 recommend against their use.

        • david7134 says:

          And all of Jeff’s articles are basically worthless in proving anything. Notice all the articles were written by brown doctors. They love to publish and rarely have a dependable article, especially in the political environment which is dictating how doctors treat. I hope everyone appreciates how much freedom we have lost with the Dem response to this illness.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Does Teach and other commenters here agree that non-white doctors are inferior to white doctors?

        • CarolAnn says:

          And yet both antibiotics and ivermectin have been used successfully all around the world except where the “doctors” who are giving their “expert” opinions are paid for by the government.

          Since you leftists have destroyed all credibility of medicine and most of research this too is nothing more than an organized load of bullshit lies promoting your narrative and being paid for by taxpayers.

          You leftists cannot keep lying about every subject, continue to form every topic into your leftist narrative and call all of those who disagree names and expect anyone but those already invested in your lies to agree.

          Every time you liars open your mouths Trump gets closer to # 47. When he wins you’ll only have your own propensity to lie to blame. Even thee blacks and LatiNX are fleeing your plantation. It’s the second time for blacks.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            We assume you ivermectin pushers have the data to back the claims. A reliable white supremacist rejects data because some of the medical scientists are not white.

            Everything is a conspiracy! Global warming – the commies want to control you. Trump Flu – the commies want to control you. Ivermectin – the commies are suppressing the real data. The Election – the commies stole it from DonJon. Education – the commies are grooming kids to be anti-white and transgendered. Abortion – the commies are murdering babies just for fun.

            For white christian nationalists, America in “on fire” because black people, brown people, Muslim people, atheist people, non-evangelical people, educated people, gay and trans people are replacing you!

          • david7134 says:

            Everyone here has decided you are mentally ill. If you don’t like white supremacist go hang out with the black supremacist, Latino supremacist, etc.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Porter typed: Everyone here has decided you are mentally ill.

            So I should care what people who 1)feel the election was fraudulent, 2)feel global warming is a hoax/scam, 3)feel a fertilized egg is a person, 4)feel Democrats are running a global pedophile ring, 5)feel gods and demons control human actions, feel?

            Much of what today’s conservatives feel to be true is actually imaginary.

            NuCons reject scientific findings and facts with a simple wave and, “The other side is lying”. How convenient. And sad.

        • FunkyPhD says:

          Now do masks.

    • ET's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

      Ok Harry, I just looked at a statistical map of the US regarding actual “Convid” mortality. This is what THEY say is true even though I usually tend not to believe anything THEY say. There appears to be very little of the regional correlation to Convid mortality that you believe exists. Texas, where I live, is a good example. Despite the fact that we were the least locked down and mask mandated State in the entire country (we only had 5 weeks in early 2020) we are dead center on the range of mortality. There are 6 States in the Northeast that were worse. I’m sure you believe what your saying but all you did here is parrot disinformation that is provably false. There is actually very little difference in the numbers in California as opposed to numbers in most of the southeast. California fared only slightly better than those states. The people whose rhetoric you unquestioningly swallow would say anything to maintain their crashing narratives.

  2. ET's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

    So it looks like you still believe the narratives regarding New Scarients? All of this is lying hogwash from people who want all of us dead, sterilized or both. What the hospitals are full of are sheeple who marched down and took these death jabs and now their immune systems are crashing and their vessels are filled with clots. Everyone is just one illness of any kind + a phony test from being another new scarient case to report.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Yet, it doesn’t. Who are the scientists posting ivmeta.com? The authors conducting the meta analyses are not identified. Why would they hide their identity?

      Scientists who DO identify themselves come to the opposite conclusion.

  3. UnkleC says:

    Folks, there’s an election coming and the lefties are going to their playbook and pulling out their best recent scam. Of course we were going to hear the anguished cries from the media, the trolls are getting their bullet points, and observe totalitarian pols starting the masking and fanning the panic. The great unwashed will believe that they are doomed if they don’t kneel and vote dem. It worked in 2020, of course they will try it again.
    Vote dem again and we are doomed.

  4. Dana says:

    Oh, the states have plans, and used them before, but recognize that there will be massive disobedience if they try to impose them again.

    Here in the Bluegrass State, the voters took out their anger at Reichsstatthalter Andy Beshear’s (NSDAP-KY) illegal and unconstitutional orders, and gave the Republicans huge majorities in both houses of the General Assembly, and the legislature then used its power to strip the Reich Governor of his authority to impose that [insert slang term for feces here] again without the consent of the legislature.

  5. James Lewis says:

    I have no position re Ivermectin, HCL et al. I’ve seen no studies that seem to support the claims in a manner that is clear, but if you want to use them be my guest. I had Covid, at age 83, and recovered quickly but I’ve been double shot plus boosted and was infused. Things worked just as the doctor sad they probably would. Seeing as how he stats show that over 30% of the people 71 plus who catch the disease die I feel blessed.

    The subject of masks, like the vaccines, has been covered in politics. The main problem seems to be that while the CDC early on said the vaccines weren’t perfect all the talking heads omitted that important detail. And Dr Fuckhim changed his story to whatever he thought his masters wanted.

    That said, I believe that IF we had went to masks early on the shut down would not have been called for as the numbers would have not been there for the Left to use. And while there is no studies, the following is about three months old, but the trend remains the same…

    Countries that have historically worn masks in crowded conditions have these CASES – DEATHS per million/population.

    Japan 11,551-127, Taiwan 670-35, South Korea 4872-45, Hong Kong 1600-32,

    In those that haven’t and have misguided people who won’t……

    US 119,880-1970, Sweden 110,772-1440

    Those numbers should tell you something.

    The US is almost 10 to 1 when compared to Japan. And the easily identified difference is masks.

    • Incidents per million, or thousands, is a universally accepted way of comparing events between different sized countries, states, or other groups, etc. The current numbers can be seen in the following web site.

    Visit this website for current numbers.


  6. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    As usual you spout nonsense based either on half-truths or lies or simply what you ASSUME to be true about a person group or subject with little or no regard for facts or the truth. It’s in your commie DNA or you couldn’t believe half the shit you do. But in an effort to enlighten your ignorant ass I’ll take a stab at it.

    “So I should care what people who 1)feel the election was fraudulent, ” There is plenty of evidence that the election may have turned on voter fraud, ballot stuffing, machine manipulation and illegal rule changes. Aren’t you at least curious to know the facts and the truth or is just the idea you could be wrong fuck your mind up?

    2)feel global warming is a hoax/scam,

    Global warming is not a hoax or a scam. It is a natural occurrence throughout our environment going back to the beginning. The bullshit “theory” of man made global warming is a preposterous scam perpetrated by the same people who tried to pull off the “coming Ice Age”, and several other “science” scams over the last 100 years to try and undermine capitalism and Freedom. These nonsense proposals (none of which has any predictions which has come true) are for the weak of mind always looking for something to be frightened of and always seeking that great leader (or Fuhrer if you prefer) to lead them to the phony Utopia that will never come. Only fools follow stupid science and only total morons would be willing to wreck their economies and lives over unproven and fraudulent science.

    3)feel a fertilized egg is a person,
    No one I know is saying “a fertilized egg is a person”. That would be using the word person incorrectly and it would be deceitful. But a fertilized egg is the FIRST STAGE of human development and therefore just like all the other stages is a human. If you can’t understand that a fertilized egg is the beginning of a human than We gotta figure you know nothing of science. Cause Dowd, it ain’t a car or a potato, or a rock. It’s alive and it’s human. Don’t be afraid of the Truth Dowd. It will set you free.

    4)feel Democrats are running a global pedophile ring,
    What do you call an organized effort to bring children to Western countries without any means of support, family or adult supervision then ship them all over so the virtually disappear? How about what you call the Lolita Express?

    5)feel gods and demons control human actions, feel?
    Gods and demons are only promoted by polytheists like Hindu’s and heathens like you. You have never once heard any of us mention “gods and demons”, never. It’s you clowns who believe in them and for some reason feel the need to project that form of crazy on us. Christians believe that God helps and directs human actions. He does not nor does He desire to control them. Ever hear of “Free Will” ass hole? It’s a Christian concept and it means we all have a choice. Some, like you, choose evil, death, the extermination of innocent lives, the oppression of others you don’t agree with, the control of those you feel are “beneath you” (cause they live in red states just ask Hairy) and many other freedom destroying and human deconstruction ideas. You think you’re better than us and it shows. Oddly, you’re not even close. You’re brutal, brutish, selfish, self centered, nihilistic, vulgar and basically the lowest form of human. Plus you are all projectionists and science deniers. And that’s just the start.

    “Much of what today’s conservatives feel to be true is actually imaginary.”
    You have repeated that perjured line many times here. First of all it was said by Ronald Reagan in regards to the foolish notions of liberals (the an embryonic” leftist of yore). Stop plagiarizing other smarter people’s stuff. You’re just like your lying scumbag usurper. And just as stupid.

    “NuCons reject scientific findings and facts with a simple wave and, “The other side is lying”. How convenient. And sad.” What’s really sad is you project all this shit onto us and regardless how many times we point out you are describing yourself, you reject it with a simple wave. Including the stolen election, the scamdemic, the climate hoax, when life begins and your total denial of science. You only repeat what you’re told and baby, they are lying to you. Constantly.

    Haven’t you ever wondered how all the media starts using the same words and phrases at the same time? How 97% of “scientists” agree with MMGW? 97% of anything never agree on anything. Use your fuckin brain.

    I could go on but you’ll just dismiss it with a wave of your hand.

    If Wuhan vaccine works how could FJB catch the virus? Just askin’.


  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Commenter: If (the trump) vaccine works how could (President Biden) catch the virus?

    The vaccines are not bulletproof, especially with this rapidly evolving virus. It does appear that being vaccinated (or having had Covid) reduces the severity of the illness.

    How can someone catch Covid more than once, since the original infection should make you immune? Just askin’?

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