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Hawaii Gets Blizzard Warning, Climate Cult Does Their Thing

This happens periodically in Hawaii, though, of course, the headline (which is portrayed in a similar manner at many outlets) is mean to climate fearmonger The lower 48 U.S. states are light on snow but Hawaii has a blizzard warning As of Friday morning, only two states in the U.S. have blizzard warnings — and […]

Climate Cult Today: Rain In Arctic, Evil Cows, EV Cost Burden

There’s some Doom happening in the Arctic The Arctic will soon see more rain than snow. Scientists say it may speed up global warming. Earlier in August, it rained on the summit of Greenland’s ice sheet for the first time in recorded history, and new research suggests that it not only will become a normal occurrence, but […]

If All You See…

…is a watermelon which tells you exactly what’s wrong with the climate doom debate, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Weasel Zippers, with a post on more United Nations hatred of Israel.

COVID Today: Oklahoma Sues DOD, Omicron In 5 States, Biden “Plan”

Yet another lawsuit against Biden’s un-Constitutional vaccine mandates Governor, AG sue Defense Department over vaccine requirement Oklahoma’s Republican governor and the state attorney general filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday, challenging the Defense Department’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for the Oklahoma National Guard. In a statement, Gov. Kevin Stitt argued that the Biden administration’s defense secretary, […]

Climate Scientists Recommend Applying COVID Tools For ‘Climate Change’

I was telling y’all about this stuff early on during COVID lockdown, that the Cult of Climastrology would push this kind of stuff. They’ve said it again and again. Now they’re getting bolder. It’s isn’t just in some climate cult blog or smaller outlet, this is from Reuters Behavioral tools of pandemic should be applied […]

Axios: Un-named Republicans Totally Say Pro-Life Win Could Come Back To Haunt Them

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with dumping one of the worst Supreme Court rulings of all time, where a supposed right to kill the unborn was generated out of thin air. Regardless of your feelings of it morally, Constitutionally it was a horrible ruling. The arguments the government made against the Mississippi abortion law […]

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