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Climate Cult Still Upset That We Didn’t Apply COVID Restrictions To ‘Climate Change’

Remember back to beginning of the Chinese coronavirus, when Warmists wanted to apply all the restrictions being put in place to Doing Something about the Climate Emergency? Yeah, they still want that Did We Just Blow Our Last, Best Chance to Tackle Climate Change? In mid-2020, after the pandemic had settled in, I wrote in […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible plastic water bottle being offset by a wonderful low carbon bicycle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The O.K. Corral, with a post on how bad Brandon’s polling is.

Democrats Still Banging The Drum Of Coming GOP Authoritarianism

The actual agenda of the Democratic Party isn’t actually that popular in practice, so, sure, why not try and scare voters? Two Kentucky historians agree the GOP is steering the US straight toward authoritarianism |Opinion Two Kentucky historians agree it’s past time for Democrats to start warning voters — loudly, clearly and unceasingly — where […]

Hurricanes To Spread Into More Populated Regions

Don’t they do that now? Considering how many people want to live near the ocean? Oh, right, this is meant to Scare people into Doing Something, namely, giving up their money, freedom, liberty, and choices Climate change: Hurricanes to expand into more populated regions Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making millions […]

CDC Spins Away In Trying To Defend New Isolation Protocols

We’re what, 21 months in to the Chinese coronavirus (well, really, over a year, it’s just February when we really started to hear about it), and they’re just figuring this stuff out now? CDC director defends new COVID guidelines reducing isolation period Amid criticism from public health officials, Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky […]

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