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Brandon Admin To Focus On Climate Crisis (scam) With Their Space Policy Framework

Since Kamala is apparently in charge of this, it should be a big fail Biden administration issues new framework for space policy, with a focus on climate change Today, Vice President Kamala Harris’ office released a new framework for US space policy, detailing how the Biden administration plans to approach commercial, civil, and military space […]

If All You See…

…is a perfect field for wind turbines, far away from where you live in a big city, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is IOTW Report, with a post on Biden’s staff blasting music when he rambles off-script.

The Reason Flash Mobs Are Looting Stores Is Because You Gave The Go-Ahead

The word “Democrat” appears nowhere in this piece by the Miami Herald Who's "we"? Democrats did this https://t.co/ngsU57YLk9 — William Teach2 #refuseresist (@WTeach2) December 1, 2021 From the link Why would they do this? That question rises inevitably from a new wave of so-called flash-mob robberies, thieves by the dozens invading retail stores to simply […]

Doom Today: Oceans Will Look Very Different By 2060

Let me ask: when the “scientists” and the media outlets pushing are shown to be completely wrong with their doomy prognostication, will there be any sort of reckoning? Because, so far, no one is being held accountable for past failed prognostications Due To Climate Change, Ocean Habitats Could Be Remarkably Different By 2060 A new study projects […]

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate

The judge stated that this whole civil liberties and separate but equal branches of government thing is rather important Louisiana federal judge blocks nationwide COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers A Louisiana U.S. district judge blocked a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers Tuesday, issuing a nationwide injunction in another setback to […]

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