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UK Working To Eliminate Private Car Ownership

See, we went from replacing regular gas with diesel to everyone get a hybrid to everyone getting an electric vehicle to banning private ownership of vehicles, even hybrids and EVs Of course, the ones pushing this will still have access to their own fancy vehicles UK Inches Closer To Eliminating Private Car Ownership Soon, Brits […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle causing Fall to arrive late, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Refuge, with a post on the COVID Police arresting people in NYC.

Good News: Squishy Beta Male Liberals Are Getting Vasectomies In Support Of Abortion On Demand

When it comes to discussing ‘climate change’, we’ve been calling them a cult for several years now, as it has really become a cult. But, consider that those who support abortion on demand have acted like a cult for much longer, and are getting worse, telling their stories of getting an abortion (because they were […]

Senator Warren Wants To Reign In Wall Street To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren as been going after Wall Street (while making lots of money from it) since she came into office, and now she’s doing the whole “let’s blame ‘climate change’ schtick to drag in some climate cultists. Of course, she’s just preaching to the choir Senator Warren urges crackdown on Wall Street over […]

Brandon: Hey, There’s No Federal Solution To Beating The Chinese Coronavirus

What a contrast a year makes! Promises made, promises broken once again. Joe Biden today: “There is no federal solution” on COVID-19 vs. Joe Biden’s campaign website in 2020: pic.twitter.com/QxXNR6SOk5 — Adam Paul Laxalt (@AdamLaxalt) December 27, 2021 Remember when he said he would shut down the virus, not the country? He still has a […]

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