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New Scaremongering Suggests ‘Climate Change’ Doom From Tornadoes

You really do not have to get beyond the subhead at this NY Times screed  to understand the reality Examining the Role of Climate Change in a Week of Wild Weather The science suggests that the United States can expect more unusual and severe storms as the world heats up, increasing the urgency for action […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded by Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on Fauci being a menace. I bet no one noticed the eye brows . Anyhow, double shot below the fold, so check out Jihad Watch, with a post on morals police […]

NYC Liberals Afraid To Work In Offices From Bad COVID Winter

I mean, come on, some of us have been working at our work place the entire time. Granted, early on, my place was on a split schedule, so only half of us were there each week, going through Memorial Day. We’ve all been there since. We’ve made adjustments, doing our morning meetings in the showroom, […]

Climate Cult Now Taking Control Of US Treasury Department

All this means is that they’ll want more power at the federal level to control the financial sector U.S. regulators flag climate change, stablecoins as potential systemic risks Climate change, the rapid growth of “stablecoins” and financial innovations that led to frenzied trading of GameStop Corp shares early this year are threats to the U.S. […]

COVID Authoritarian Fail: Rockettes Cancel Christmas Spectacular Shows

I’m actually surprised that the Wokesters haven’t destroyed the all women Radio City Rockettes by forcing them to have men and the gender confused, but, anyhow, they have been a staple since forever. I remember growing up in NJ and seeing the commercials every year before Christmas about the Christmas shows. It was basically an […]

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