UK Working To Eliminate Private Car Ownership

See, we went from

  • replacing regular gas with diesel to
  • everyone get a hybrid to
  • everyone getting an electric vehicle to
  • banning private ownership of vehicles, even hybrids and EVs

Of course, the ones pushing this will still have access to their own fancy vehicles

UK Inches Closer To Eliminating Private Car Ownership

Soon, Brits will own nothing and will be happier for it…

UK Government Transport Minister Trudy Harrison recently spoke at a mobility conference, addressing the future of personal mobility. In her comments, she said it was necessary to ditch the “20th-century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership and towards greater flexibility, with personal choice and low carbon shared transport.” That’s right, she said the quiet part loud and showed the hand of a growing number of government officials.

Harrison went on to praise not only public transportation but also bike share services, e-scooters, and ride sharing platforms. All of these are supposed to tune down how much carbon the UK is emitting into the atmosphere. As with all choices, this comes at a cost, particularly for those living in rural areas.

Isn’t it wonderful that people keep electing public officials who believe in dictatorship? Because this isn’t just a British thing, it happens around the world, including in the U.S. They always have some Excuse for doing this.

I’ve been calling out the elitist plan in some government circles to eliminate the private ownership of cars for some time. For many, the possibility that such a thing could be real leads to their minds lashing out at the source of such news, and so I’ve been called a “crazy conspiracy theorist” among other things for trying to shed light on this disturbing topic. Well, time has vindicated my stance and people in the UK are starting to wake up to the very real possibility they would be completely dependent on the government to be driven anywhere.

If you think this plan is limited to just the UK, you haven’t been paying attention. There have been other efforts to make private vehicle ownership a thing of the past, including a new measure in Southern California. The 2021 Regional Transportation Plan passed recently by the San Diego Association of Government’s board of directors is a $160 billion initiative just for the metropolitan area to boost public transportation.

That’s a hefty price tag for such a small area, so one of the ways officials have been planning to fund it is by levying a per-mile driving tax against citizens. That was such an unpopular move it was shelved, for now. But I have a funny feeling that driving tax is going to be revisited. Critics say that and other fines, fees, etc. are designed to nuke personal vehicle ownership for all but the wealthy. Expect to see similar measures in other cities and maybe entire states/territories in North America and beyond in the near future.

Weirdly, you never see the people pushing this stuff giving up their own fossil fueled vehicles, eh? Perhaps some of the Progressives (nice Fascists) will start coming to their senses. And more of the moderate leftists. Because they’re starting to really see that all the bad stuff, all the restrictions and fees and taxes, are not just applying to Other People.

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6 Responses to “UK Working To Eliminate Private Car Ownership”

  1. Hairy says:

    The changeover to electric vehicles will happen slowly
    Teach is fearmongering (again)
    15 years before manufacturers will end fossil fueled vehicles
    At some point vehicles will be autonomous, why have one parked in your garage doing nothing when you can easily summon one?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Here’s what Trudy Harrison said at the Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) annual shared transport conference.

    Harrison is the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Transport and a member of the Conservative Party.

    Trudy Harrison MP said:

    ‘The challenge is to move further and faster to make shared mobility less of a novelty and increasing the norm to make it as easy, as convenient and as accessible as possible.

    ‘We are reaching a tipping point where shared mobility in the form of car clubs, scooters and bike shares will soon be a realistic option for many of us to get around.

    ‘Where mobility hubs become a familiar part of our street architecture and where all these options will be available to book and pay for at the touch of a smartphone.

    ‘I think the benefits are really significant: from clean air to healthier populations to greater connectivity for more people, no matter where they live.’

  3. Bill589 says:

    Hypocrite Elwood supports his fascist masters’ lies again. No shame that you’ve been shown to be a liar numerous times even on this one site? Typical anti-Republic leftist. Repeating lies is an acceptable means to an end for Leftists.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      The speaker did not mention government force. But that doesn’t stop you connies from lying.

  4. Dana says:

    Our ever-hopeful host wrote:

    Weirdly, you never see the people pushing this stuff giving up their own fossil fueled vehicles, eh? Perhaps some of the Progressives (nice Fascists) will start coming to their senses.

    They will come to their senses when it directly impacts them, and not before.

    In the end, even the Patricians are dependent upon the plebeians, and as long as they can get the plebeians to do their shopping for them, drive their Bentleys, lawn their mows, and fly their private jets, they’ll be fine with it. But the Patricians are also dependent upon the votes of the plebeians, and as the commoners see just how badly they are getting f(ornicated) by “nice fascist” policies, another populist like Donald Trump will seize the day, and sweep out all of that nonsense. The only question is: how much damage will already have been done?

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