The Reason Flash Mobs Are Looting Stores Is Because You Gave The Go-Ahead

The word “Democrat” appears nowhere in this piece by the Miami Herald

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Why would they do this?

That question rises inevitably from a new wave of so-called flash-mob robberies, thieves by the dozens invading retail stores to simply take what they want. It’s happened in California, Illinois, Minnesota and Maryland. Retailers ranging from Nordstrom to 7-Eleven have been hit.

For some, the search for answers will be an invitation to uncork pet theories about poverty, permissiveness or punishment. But none of those things is unique to this era.

Think about it: This model for robbery has always been available to enterprising thieves. It’s simple math. What can one or two security guards do if 60 people decide to just walk in and loot the place? Granted, advances in communications technology make that easier to organize now than it once would have been, but still, a crime wave like this theoretically could have happened in 1985 or 2002. It makes sense to wonder why it didn’t. What is it about this particular era that has inspired this particular trend?

What could have possibly happened? Could it possibly be the breaking of the “social covenant”, as they discuss?

Here, then, is another pet theory: The social covenant has shattered.

Meaning the thousand unspoken understandings by which a society functions, the agreements to which we all sign on without a word being spoken. Some are encoded in law, others just encoded in us. Either way, they are rules — “norms” might be a better word — people usually obey even when they could get away without doing so.

They even go on to Blame police and a bit of Trump Derangement Syndrome

To the contrary, we’ve seen police and other authority figures exempt themselves from mask and vaccine mandates — and dare mayors and governors to do anything about it. We’ve seen ex-public officials thumb their noses at congressional subpoenas. We’ve seen a seditionist mob breach the U.S. Capitol and be lionized for it by certain members of Congress and the media. And we’ve seen a president who delighted in shattering norms, refusing to provide his tax returns, flouting the emoluments clause of the Constitution, openly politicking on government property . . . the list goes on. And on.

Ah. That must be it. It’s the fault of Trump, police, and Republicans.

Worst of all, we’ve seen little in the way of accountability for any of it. So the question isn’t how ordinary people could have gotten the idea a holiday from social norms was possible, but how could they have not? Everywhere you look, someone else is seceding from the covenants that make it possible for civil society to function. Which makes these smash-and-grab robberies seem less a mystery and more just another troubling reflection of our times.

Why would people do this?

Heck, why would they not?

And of piece. As I’m sure you’re aware of, the vast majority of these flash mob looting occur in cities run by Democrat, and the looters have virtually no fear of getting in trouble, be it a guy biking into a Walgreens in San Francisco, stealing, and leaving, to mobs going into stores and stealing jewelry and TVs and more. You know exactly why this happens: the laws and rules passed in these liberal meccas by Democrats and Democrat voters. The idea here is to shift the narrative.

Yeah, that’s not happening in Republican run areas.

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3 Responses to “The Reason Flash Mobs Are Looting Stores Is Because You Gave The Go-Ahead”

  1. Dana says:

    There’s another point: since most of these miscreants are black, if the police did arrest them, there’d be another stupid black lives matter riot Mostly Peaceful Protest™, and the left have learned that looting during those things is simply not punished, so they’d get away with that, too.

    City governments and the police have learned that lesson as well, and decided — though no one would ever admit it — that it’s a lot better to have just a few stores looted, on an occasional basis, than a full-blown riot Mostly Peaceful Protest™.

    Why was Kyle Rittenhouse armed in Kenosha? Because the police were not doing their f(ornicating) jobs, and the National Guard wasn’t deployed to stop the rioters Mostly Peaceful Protesters™ and protect the public. Now we’ll have fewer Rittenhouses to defend decent people and their property, because, even though he was acquitted, it cost a lot of money for high-powered attorneys and the possibility exists, that with a jury composed of the #woke, he could have been unjustly convicted. Heck, there’s still the possibility that the Brandon Administration would come up with some federal civil rights violations charges against him.

    There’s a huge double standard. The antifa and BLM Mostly Peaceful Protesters™ have almost all gotten away with looting, assault, arson and even murder, with the Feds doing nothing, while a three-hour out of control keg party is being prosecuted.

  2. L.G.Brandon says:

    It’s amusing that all these looting and pillaging episodes occur in Democratic run leftist cities yet as Teach pointed out the word “Democrat” does not appear in the piece. The entire country is full of liars and gaslighters and the entire left including all these journalists are master projectionists. It’s Trump’s fault and of course “seditionist mobs” not the communist policies of the leftist elites in charge of these places.

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