Doom Today: Oceans Will Look Very Different By 2060

Let me ask: when the “scientists” and the media outlets pushing are shown to be completely wrong with their doomy prognostication, will there be any sort of reckoning? Because, so far, no one is being held accountable for past failed prognostications

Due To Climate Change, Ocean Habitats Could Be Remarkably Different By 2060

Follow the sciencenew study projects how climate change will affect the oceans, and protected areas in particular. The scientists used a series of different warming scenarios to determine how climate change might alter the oceans.

According to lead author Steven Mana’oakamai Johnson, “In all three scenarios, conditions in more than half of the ocean are going to be novel, meaning new and significantly different, than they have been in the last 50 years.”

Due to the strong links between the ocean and atmosphere, the ocean will continue to absorb fossil fuel emissions and its internal chemistry will shift in such a way that it could require updated conservation measures for 97% of large marine protected areas. And, unchecked climate change could cause increases in acidity as soon as 2030.

Tropical and Arctic systems – which are already so close to the brink – are most likely to exhibit these novel ocean environments first, with protected areas within the Great Barrier Reef and Galapagos experiencing extreme shifts in their composition. By 2060, we can expect close to half of the ocean experiencing new conditions. And, by the end of the century, 87 percent of these environments will have deviated from how we know them today.

This is a doomsday cult. They really have no way of proving this, they’re just throwing out more and more prognostications of doom, hoping to scare people into Complying with the tenets of the Cult of Climastrology. Though, the vast majority of the those pushing this refuse to practice what they preach. Several previous Holocene warm periods were warmer than today, and all without fossil fueled vehicles. How did the oceans do?

“What we’re looking at here is the potential extinction of a whole environment. In some places, the environments we have today are not going to exist in the future,” says co-author James Watson, “We won’t be able to go visit them or experience them. It is an environmental, cultural and economic loss we can’t replace.”

Simply unhinged.

Meanwhile, remember how I’ve mentioned scorpions and Christmas trees?

Nobody Mentioned Scorpions: Global Warming’s Secondary Effects Sting
Climate change doesn’t just mean calamity. It also means endless hassles

Quick: What do Thanksgiving blackouts in Southern California, anticipated shortages of Christmas trees and an explosion of scorpions in Egypt have in common?

They are inconveniences that are the result of climate change that the experts never told us about. (snip through more Doom)

It’s been easy enough to think, “Well, I don’t live by the coast, so sea-level rise is not my problem.” Or, “I don’t live in a desert so extreme heat, so water shortages won’t plague me.” But humans and the systems they create are intricately interconnected and we are beginning to acutely feel downstream effects of climate change.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, doomsday cult. I’m sure there were inconveniences during previous warm and cool periods, and Mankind adapts. No need to assign witchcraft, er, anthropogenic causation.

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  1. Dana says:

    The government was so successful in instilling quaking fear, absolute terror in people’s brains over a virus which, while it can be serious is rarely fatal, enough that millions and millions of people were, and are, willing to turn over their constitutional rights for a bit of temporary security, and the left have learned from that. Now they are trying to instill fear again, this time over global warming climate change emergency, that they’ll once again surrender their individual liberties, and their hard-earned wealth, to yet another leftist cause.

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