Hurricanes To Spread Into More Populated Regions

Don’t they do that now? Considering how many people want to live near the ocean? Oh, right, this is meant to Scare people into Doing Something, namely, giving up their money, freedom, liberty, and choices

Climate change: Hurricanes to expand into more populated regions

Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making millions more people vulnerable to these devastating storms, a new study says.

At present, these cyclones – or hurricanes as they are also known – are mainly confined to the tropical regions north and south of the equator.

But researchers say that rising temperatures will allow these weather events to form in the mid-latitudes.

This area includes cities such as New York, Beijing, Boston and Tokyo.

The scientists involved say their work shows by the end of this century, cyclones will likely occur over a wider range than they have for three million years.

Oh, good, the end of the century, when no one can check up and see if this happened, and hold people accountable for scaremongering.

“What we’ve done is make explicit the links between the physics going on within storms themselves and the dynamics of the atmosphere at the planetary scale,” said Dr Studholme.

“This is a hard problem because this physics isn’t well simulated in numerical models run on modern computers.”

And, computer models again. So, pure BS.

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2 Responses to “Hurricanes To Spread Into More Populated Regions”

  1. MasterDiver says:

    I lived on the North Shore of MA(30+ miles north of Boston) for 20 years. Hurricanes were a regular feature of our weather. We could expect one every few years. Back in the ’60s we even had one that did a triple loop-the -loop and hit us three times. At least one got as far inland as Springfield. This Global Warming/Climate Change BS is exactly that. I have lived long enough to see enough anomolies in weather to realize it is a chaotic system and weather is what you get when you get it.

  2. Zendo Deb says:

    Where did I put that hockey stick?

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