COVID Today: Oklahoma Sues DOD, Omicron In 5 States, Biden “Plan”

Yet another lawsuit against Biden’s un-Constitutional vaccine mandates

Governor, AG sue Defense Department over vaccine requirement

Oklahoma’s Republican governor and the state attorney general filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday, challenging the Defense Department’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for the Oklahoma National Guard.

In a statement, Gov. Kevin Stitt argued that the Biden administration’s defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, overstepped his constitutional authority by subjecting the National Guard to the mandate, which applies to active-duty military members.

“This week, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared his intention to proceed with unconstitutional punishment that individually targets Oklahoma National Guard soldiers and airmen, including withholding their pay,” Stitt said. (snip)

Stitt said that although National Guard members are paid by the federal government, he remains their commander in chief under federal and state constitutional and statutory law unless the president orders their mobilization.

Brandon’s vaccine mandates haven’t done so well in court so far. What will happen with this one? And will other states file their own?

And here’s another Biden fail

Omicron Covid variant detected in 5 U.S. states as scientists investigate heavily mutated strain

At least five U.S. states have now confirmed cases of the omicron variant of the virus that causes Covid-19, as scientists investigate whether the heavily mutated strain is more infectious and virulent.

At least 9 cases were confirmed on Thursday in Minnesota, Colorado, New York, Hawaii and California. California confirmed the first U.S. case of omicron on Wednesday, bringing the total number of reported cases so far to 10.

Minnesota public health authorities confirmed Thursday morning the second U.S. case of omicron, in a resident who recently returned from New York City, the state’s department of health said.

Strange that these are all Democrat run areas. Didn’t Biden say he was going to stop COVID? Not so simple, is it, Sparky? Also, most of these people are fully vaccinated. And, Brandon laid out his Big Plan

The good and the not as good in Biden’s winter Covid-19 plan

The Biden administration is trying to get ahead of the threat, detailing a new plan to accelerate vaccinations, increase testing, make treatments widely available, and deploy teams of public health experts to any hot spots that emerge in the coming months.

Taken together, the plan reads like the consensus you would probably find if you asked a few hundred public health experts what we should be doing; in fact, some experts are annoyed some of these things weren’t already being done. Even so, a few provisions — such as promising insurance reimbursement for tests rather than providing them for free — raise eyebrows.

But overall, experts seem to think the plan hits the important points. The real question is how much of an impact any program from the federal government can have at this point. Some state governments are resistant to even the most basic measures, such as masks in schools; 16 percent of adults said in October they will definitely not get the Covid-19 vaccine, the highest share recorded by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) in its vaccine surveys. People have dug in.

The administration knows it can’t stop Covid-19, omicron variant or otherwise. But this is its attempt to lower the barriers for people to coexist with Covid-19: by making it easier to get a vaccine, to get tested, and to get meds if you are sick.

That’s it? That’s the plan? This is the same plan he’s been using, which hasn’t really worked. Joe’s finding out that it’s easier to Blamestorm while running for office, not so easy when you sit in the big chair.

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5 Responses to “COVID Today: Oklahoma Sues DOD, Omicron In 5 States, Biden “Plan””

  1. Zombies are Cool says:


    Dr. Paul Offit, *******a member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel on vaccines,******* told The Wall Street Journal fully vaccinated people who had COVID-19 “just won the game. I wouldn’t ask them to get a booster dose. I think they just got it” with their coronavirus infection.

    In short, IF you have had your vaccine and COVID you are good and don’t need a booster at all unless you are immunocompromised. Talk to your doctor as I am not a doctor and don’t know shit from shinola, I am just trying to dig through the mountain of disinformation and lack of information on Covid, Vaccines, Boosters and Infections for the truth.

    Unfortunately, the MSM will not tell you these things. Having Covid is a giant boost. I tried yesterday to get the VA to give me an anti-body test(because I am going to travel for Xmas) and they were like go fuck yourself. My next step is to see if I can find a clinic who will give me an anti-body test If I pay for it.

    This is absolutely lunacy. Covid is so political that everyone is terrified of doing anything.

    Here is what I was told at the VA by the guy that checks you in for your appointments.

    I want an anti-body test because I have had covid and the vaccine.

    Ill need to get an okay from your doctor.

    Yeah I went to the blood lab and they told me they did the anti-body testing but needed a doctors authorization so I am here.

    Well you don’t need an anti-body test.

    Im going to travel for the Holidays and want to be sure I am protected so If my anti-body test sucks I can get a booster.

    You don’t need a booster.

    See this is the problem I can’t get a straight answer from anyone.

    That is a straight answer.

    Why don’t I need a booster. The president says I need a booster.

    This is here to stay, Its like the flu, your going to get the virus again and get sick.

    Yeah? Are you a nurse?


    Any medical training?


    Then why are you contradicting what my doctor told me 3 months ago that I needed to wait for 3 months and then get a booster after having Covid?

    Fine, do what you want. They are giving boosters today.

    A medically untrained clerk is giving me medical advice at the VA. Pathetic. You could tell he was so weary of answering questions about covid and vaccines and boosters. I sympathize but its my body, my life, and my decision, it should be made based upon sound medical advice and not an opinion from a clerk.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: Strange that these are all Democrat run areas

    Teach continues his morbid political agenda.

    It may be because the incurious and underpopulated red states haven’t looked. After all, Covid-19 is a hoax to “get” DJ Donnie.

    Here’s the death rate ranking from Covid-19 by state:

    #1 Mississippi – R (346/100K)
    Alabama – R
    Louisiana – R
    Arizona – R
    OK – R
    GA – R
    Arkansas – R
    Florida – R

    Strange that 8 of the top 10 states are Republicun run areas.

    The 10 lowest rates…

    #50 Vermont (55/100K)
    Utah – R
    Alaska – R
    Nebraska – R

    Strange only 3 Republicun run areas with the lowest rates…

    Strange almost as if you’re more likely to die from Covid-19 by living in Republicun run areas.

    Strange the death rate in Vermont is only 16% that of Republicun run Mississippi. Strange an Republicun run MS resident is 6 TIMES more likely to die of Covid-19 than a Vermont resident.

  3. L.G.Brandon says:

    What is strange is the most highly vaxxed states have any Covid deaths at all. I thought the vax protected you. BTW, just rating states without any context or other considerations as you are aware is pure poppycock. You need to compare for ages, disabilities, race and other anomalies that can affect the data. Crappy reporting like you just did is how this flu became a hysterical epidemic that ruined our economy just so the left could steal an election.

    Now they’re gearing up to do it again with their newest nonsense lambda/delta/omicron or whatever variant. As long as they can BS their way to mail-in/hand-in fake votes they can steal another election. That’s why their operatives spread idiocy like this around.

    Elwood needs to direct his hate on killing black zygotes and forgetting about mixing up the Covid crap. We see you are now a doctor? Advising Zombies to get a booster? Wow. Isn’t that practicing w/o a vax card?

    You really excel at convincing people that killing black zygotes and embryos in the womb is a noble and courageous position. Stick with it. Talking out of your lane isn’t working.

    If the WuFlu and its variants were an actually deadly pandemic like they pretend it is, these cowardly bastards in Congress and Hollywood would hide out in their million-dollar bunkers and not emerge for a century. The fact that they feel perfectly comfortable hobnobbing with their pals and rubbing elbows with the vast unwashed merely proves that the whole thing is a scam, wrapped in a fraud, inside an agenda.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Brandon Poppycock,

      The values are based on total deaths, not recent deaths. Arithmetic can be tricky business. For example, a populous state such as CA could have 70% vaccination but still have the most deaths because 30% of 36 million equals a lot of unvaxxed folks.

      We can’t help it if red states (Republicun-run) have higher death rates than blue states. Yes, there can be variables such as age, disability, income, obesity, health care infrastructure, EMS availability, “tribe” etc. Why do you suppose these deleterious variables accrue to red states? Don’t the blue states send them enough

      We’ve labeled the latest tRumpFlu variant as the “Ivanka” rather than the Omicron.

      Do you believe the conspirators at NIH, the medical community, WHO, commies, Dems, CDC, media and the Chinese are making up the variants to steal an election?

      We have to admit the far-right is clever in its generation of conspiracy tales. People who can’t explain an unpleasant reality resort to outlandish conspiracies.

      “No way did a single crazed, Russia wannabe like Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate JFK on his own. It had to involve the mob, the CIA, the VP, the Cubans etc.”

      “No way did DJ Donnie lose the election (or the 2016 election), the Dems had to have cheated!”

      “Covid-19 was created in the Wuhan Virology lab and intentionally spread throughout the world to hurt DJ Donnie and turn the US into a communist paradise!’

      “Global warming is a hoax to promote the communist takeover of the free world!”

      It’s always a conspiracy tale unsupported with evidence.

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