Axios: Un-named Republicans Totally Say Pro-Life Win Could Come Back To Haunt Them

Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with dumping one of the worst Supreme Court rulings of all time, where a supposed right to kill the unborn was generated out of thin air. Regardless of your feelings of it morally, Constitutionally it was a horrible ruling. The arguments the government made against the Mississippi abortion law were pretty bad, based on feelings and “well, a ruling was made 50 years ago,” while Scott Stewart, the solicitor general of Mississippi, avoided morality and emotion, sticking to legal and constitutional principles. So, it’s not looking really good for the abortion on demand disciples, hence, we’ll get stuff like this

Some Republicans fear abortion win could come back to bite them

Republicans are on the brink of achieving a decades-long conservative project — overturning abortion rights — but some strategists worry that the party isn’t ready for the political dangers of this monumental victory.

Why it matters: The GOP has the best political environment in a decade leading into the midterms — and the last thing top party operatives want is for the Democratic base to become energized if the Supreme Court narrows or overturns Roe v. Wade.

As one longtime GOP political operative put it to Axios, it’s one “big flare-up” that could “derail what could be a 2010-level victory next year for the party and the movement.” (snip)

Despite the entrenched red state/blue state divide, overturning Roe could persuade suburban women who would have otherwise likely voted for Republicans to vote for Democrats, two operatives told Axios.

A Republican campaign strategist said such a ruling would be a messaging challenge for GOP candidates, and said they should calibrate their statements differently for general election voters than they would for primary voters.

States would be able to ban or severely restrict abortion access if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe, which seemed to be a real possibility during oral arguments yesterday. In that situation, operatives say, Republican-led states may want to tread lightly, to avoid a political backlash to especially stringent restrictions.

Who are these “Republicans”? Funny how they aren’t named, with their doomy prognostications. The only two named are Rep Nancy Mace (R-SC), who simply recommends caution, not doom, and former Republican Rep. Tom Davis, who says it will put the issue front and center (I think that will hurt Democrats, because they’ll be agitating for killing the unborn, and we have witnessed how nutso they get), and it could be problem in the higher income districts. Which is silly. Are they really supporting abortion that much? Anyhow, we can expect more of this kind of silly.

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One Response to “Axios: Un-named Republicans Totally Say Pro-Life Win Could Come Back To Haunt Them”

  1. Zombies are Cool says:

    Abortion will not be overturned by the SCOTUS. Even if they were to strike down Roe v Wade, abortion rights would return to each individual state where each state could make laws that deal with abortion.

    Since there are 20 blue states and 30 red states it is quite possible that 20-23 blue, purple states would institute legal abortion while other states that are conservative would ban it or severely limit it to rape and or incest or if the mother’s life is in jeopardy.

    Right now Roe V Wade allows for abortion to be a contraceptive. In an age where our society has grown lazy, fat, and self-absorbed, ruled by wokism and anti-everything, making abortion easier is the worst thing we can do for the black community which has already been decimated by the left and their plantation for blacks to keep them voting blue, keep mothers single and keep the fathers out of the child’s lives.

    Democrats would have you believe they care about people, but they do not. They only use people for their political agenda which is simply power to rule the country via authoritarianism. Overturning Roe V Wade will not happen, and that is NOT what the Mississippi case is arguing.

    Roe V Wade says viability is 24 weeks and MS wants 15 weeks to be the cut-off for viability. That is nearly 4 months after you got pregnant. 24 weeks is 6 months which has always been ludricrous.

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