Climate Cult Today: Rain In Arctic, Evil Cows, EV Cost Burden

There’s some Doom happening in the Arctic

The Arctic will soon see more rain than snow. Scientists say it may speed up global warming.

Earlier in August, it rained on the summit of Greenland’s ice sheet for the first time in recorded history, and new research suggests that it not only will become a normal occurrence, but it will happen much sooner than previously thought.

Recorded history really doesn’t go back that far. How does this compare to what happened during the previous Holocene warm periods? They don’t know or have data? Huh

The team of international researchers had previously concluded the region would eventually see more rain, but originally thought it wouldn’t start until around 2090. The new analysis on the region determined the rain would dominate the region as early as 2050 in some areas.

So, doom sooner. Who gets held responsible for this if the prognostication fails?

‘Cows Are the New Coal.’ How the Cattle Industry Is Ignoring the Bottom Line When It Comes to Methane Emissions

climate cowOne of the early, attention-grabbing announcements at November’s COP climate conference in Glasgow was a commitment by more than 105 countries to join a U.S.- and E.U.-led coalition to cut 30% of methane emissions by 2030. The potent greenhouse gas, which is up to 80 times more effective at heating the planet than carbon dioxide in the short term, has often been considered the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to slowing down global warming. The COP pledges alone would slash warming projections by 0.2°C by the 2040s, according to the United Nations Global Methane Assessment.

But that low-hanging fruit is starting to rot. A new report produced by the FAIRR Initiative, an investor network worth about $45 trillion that is focused on the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities of intensive livestock production, shows that the meat and dairy industries (including livestock suppliers to McDonalds, Walmart and Costco) is undermining COP26 pledges on methane reduction, by not tracking their own emissions and by failing to track those of their third-party suppliers.

Now tell people they cannot have meat and dairy. No more cheese, steaks, lamb chops, yogurt, and so forth. See how quick the average Warmist turns on the climate cult. BTW, how will we feed people? Also, see how quickly people make fart jokes.

Stellantis CEO says EV cost burden is ‘beyond the limits’ for automakers

Stellantis NV Chief Executive Carlos Tavares said external pressure on automakers to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles potentially threatens jobs and vehicle quality as producers struggle to manage the higher costs of building EVs.

Governments and investors want car manufacturers to speed up the transition to electric vehicles, but the costs are “beyond the limits” of what the auto industry can sustain, Tavares said in an interview at the Reuters Next conference released Wednesday.

“What has been decided is to impose on the automotive industry electrification that brings 50% additional costs against a conventional vehicle,” he said.

“There is no way we can transfer 50% of additional costs to the final consumer because most parts of the middle class will not be able to pay.”

If they cannot afford it, how does the average consumer?

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2 Responses to “Climate Cult Today: Rain In Arctic, Evil Cows, EV Cost Burden”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The 1st Amendment-hating and emerging authoritarian Teach: Who gets held responsible for this if the prognostication fails?

    Who gets held responsible for this if the prognostication succeeds and the right-wing/GOPhers kept us from doing something about it?

    What punishment does Teach recommend? Maybe it’s punishment enough that our descendants look back on us as cowardly, selfish, greedy dumbasses. The Worst Generation that destroyed human civilization.

    • Cloward and Piven or CLAP for short. says:

      Do you really believe a world that is burning fossil fuels is destroying civilization?

      If so you are about the only one since politicians around the world do not share your sense of dread. This is evident in the lack of action each country takes in the face of this horrible, extinction-level event you prognosticate.

      It is quite possible this world will end as we know it but I would put my money on other dumb assed decisions such as Fauchi Flu. An unelected Mengelee funding life-ending FLU’s. China and Russia and Iran and North Korea are all delving deeply into biological, chemical, and nuclear ambitions.

      Our future generations will not know what happened because those tasked with informing us are lying about anything and everything. No one will know the truth and the victors write history and I would suggest to you that the victors will not be climate alarmists or Americas but rather lunatics from other countries who dared cross the red line thinking there was an end game.

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