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WordPress Upgrade Issues. Update: Comments Fixed?

Happy Friday. I did an upgrade to WordPress this morning, and the automatic installation program messed a few things up, most on the backend where you can’t see it. However, I just noticed that comments are not posting. My apologies. Not sure how soon that will be fixed, I’m waiting to hear from Steamboat. Update: […]

No One Should Be Surprised That Liberals Are Against Certain Free Speech

Kirsten Powers writes at the Daily Beast that anti-free speech zones (at abortion clinics) could come back to haunt liberals in the future. This is in terms of McCullen v. Coakley, which was just heard at the Supreme Court, a case in which the state of Massachusetts created a law that establishes a buffer zone […]

If All You See…

…is horrible CO2 infused beer, which further leads to people eating too much, causing the world to burn, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post noting that Iran really loves the enrichment deal.

Whew! Obama Curtails Spying On Foreigners

Not so much on Americans (AFP) In a long-awaited speech outlining changes to programs exposed by Edward Snowden, Obama also said he had halted National Security Agency (NSA) spy taps targeting friendly world leaders. He also proposed new protections for foreigners caught in US data collection programs, which harvest hundreds of millions of pages of […]

UN: Failure To Stop “Climate Change” Will Be Costly, So Spend Lots Of Money Now

Interestingly, countries didn’t spend hundreds of billions into the trillions to stop Hotcoldwetdry before the 17 year pause (NY Times) Nations have so dragged their feet in battling climate change that the situation has grown critical and the risk of severe economic disruption is rising, according to a draft United Nations report. Another 15 years […]

Celebrities Who Certainly Won’t Sign Up For Obamacare Pimp Obamacare

The other day I had a brief Twitter discussion pointing out that Magic Johnson was able to get health care for his HIV without Obamacare, that he wasn’t dropped, and that the person who pimped Magic Johnson pushing Obamacare, Valerie Jarret, isn’t getting her health insurance through the Exchange. Nor is Magic (CNBC) Jennifer Hudson […]

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