If All You See…

…is horrible CO2 infused beer, which further leads to people eating too much, causing the world to burn, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post noting that Iran really loves the enrichment deal.

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7 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Springy_Gumballs says:

    Is it me, or is this just another form of prostitution?

    They are selling their bodies for the sake of men buying their product. Right?

    How much less do some women wear to sell hotwings?

    I am not complaining, but let’s not pretend why young women wear next to nothing to bartend.

  2. Blick says:

    Springy, Sex sells; from shampoo to cars to movies to beer. Besides, a lot of young ladies like to show off the “merchandise”. Sex and fear are the two best marketing ploys.

    Its the evil co2 infused beer (burp) and co2 smoking joints (cough, cough) that are killing the planet. and nobody but the Captain points this out.

    You will know the enviro-freakazoids are serious when they protest beer and pot as warming activities and call for the elimination.

  3. dagamore says:

    Where is the beer in the photo, i see some crappy colored almost water that they often sell as beer, does that make me a warmer?

  4. Springy_Gumballs says:

    True enough Blick, and I am not complaining. But how many eons have we males been told not to oogle at women like sex objects? Yet, now we pay them to be sex objects in order to sell items.

    They constantly post nude or nearly nude selfies all over the internet. They wear next to nothing on the beaches and actively attend sex clubs.

    Does this mean we are now past the “I’m not a sex object” stage?

    Yet, I still get slapped when I ask a woman on the street if I can see her boobies. Guess not every girl has gotten the word.

    Dagamore…. yes. yes it does.

  5. Blick says:

    Springy, I used to have this discussion with my daughter all the time as she was a teenager. If women don’t want to be looked at, why do they dress with less? Her answer was they just want to look attractive. My rebuttal was, what are they wanting to attract — butterflies or rapists?

  6. Springy_Gumballs says:

    So true. Glad I didn’t have to raise a girl.

    Many girls today don’t understand, clothes (or the lack thereof) don’t make the attractiveness. Some of the hottest women I’ve seen were fully clothed. And many were just face-shots.

    If they think that they have to be naked in order to “attract” men’s attention, then that is the so very wrong type of attention. Don’t they want us to want them for their minds? Their personalities? What they can bring to the relationship? What they can add? or, just for the amount of flesh?

    Sad what our society has turned in to.

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