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Global Warming To Close Florida Schools

Won’t somebody please think of the children? (Click Orlando) Schools, courts and government offices throughout the western Florida Panhandle plan to close because of anticipated snow and ice as a polar vortex grips much of the country. The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for the region. Forecasters say a mix of […]

Good Grief: Eugene Robinson Blames Cold On “Climate Change”

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing crazy at all about blaming cold on heat trapping gasses, you guys! Dire signs from a warming world Another insane cold wave — not the infamous “polar vortex ” but its evil twin — is bringing sub-zero and single-digit temperatures to much of the nation. And global warming may be […]

Al Gore: We Really Need To Control Africa’s Population

Al Gore pops his head up at Davos…say, how’d he get there? A fossil fueled flight?…to make a racist pronouncement (via Climate Depot) (CNBC) Stopping overpopulation is one way the dangers of climate change can be mitigated, according to two of the most prominent believers in global warming. Former Vice President Al Gore and Microsoft […]

Autocrat-lite POTUS To Unilaterally Raise Minimum Wage For Federal Contractors

I’m sure Team Obama gave long, careful thought to this, weighing the pros and cons, considering the costs….or, really, sat around in a bull session which included political wonks, none with any experience in the private market, saying “how can we pump up he moonbat base”? (NY Times) President Obama plans to sign an executive […]

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