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When It Comes To Warm Years, We’re Arguing Over Hundredths Of A Degree

Regarding yesterday’s post about 2013 being the 4th7th10th107th10th warmest for the world, Greenie Watch points something out I reproduce below a current news report derived from NOAA and GISS.  You will see that continuing warming is proclaimed with no hint that the data might be troublesome to Warmism.  It is classical warming propaganda much as […]

If All You See…

…is a world killing dog, eating the planet to 200 feet of sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Nice Deb, with a post on comments regarding IRS rules targeting the Tea Party.

Global Warming Means More Intense Snows Or Something

Hyper-Warmist Bryan Mooney attempts to keep the meme about warming causing more water vapor meaning more snow alive as the US Northeast is buried in lots of the white stuff Believe It: Global Warming Can Produce More Intense Snows We all remember “Snowmageddon” in February of 2010. Even as Washington, D.C., saw 32 inches of […]

Watchdog Says NSA Phone Program Barely Works And Is Illegal

And recommends shutting it down. Good thing the NY Times buries the story on page A14 of the print edition, wanting to protect Obama and his 100% support of the domestic spying program (NY Times) An independent federal privacy watchdog has concluded that the National Security Agency’s program to collect bulk phone call records has […]

Obama Admin Fears Failure To Fix Healthcare.gov Could Bankrupt Insurers

They’ve already wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars building a barely functional website though a no-bid contract to CGI. Now they have to spend hundreds of millions more (Fox News) While the administration publicly expresses full confidence in its health care law, privately it fears one part of the system is so flawed it […]

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