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House Votes To Require Weekly O-care Updates

Do you think the Democrat led Senate will even consider this legislation? (The Hill) The House voted Thursday to require weekly updates from the Obama administration about the implementation and operation of ObamaCare and its website, HealthCare.gov. Members passed the Exchange Information Disclosure Act in a 259-154 vote. And while many Democrats criticized the bill […]

If All You See…

…is a flooding drought world, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post noting what happens when a “living wage” is governmentally enforced.

What Say To Climate Change Burlesque?

What can be imagined can never be un-imagined (Grist) Una Aya Osato has been performing since she was 2 years old — she landed her first part after chatting up a casting director in a Chinese restaurant — and she’s been political for almost as long. As a New York City teenager involved in Reclaim […]

Interesting: The Same People Pushing Climate Change Also Want To Legalize Pot

Think about it. Here’s the Boston Herald’s Howie Carr discussing Gov. Deval Patrick wanting to hire an official state weatherman to deal with “climate change” (via Tom Nelson) Wait a second, some of you may be saying, that Tim Murray snowstorm was in October, so how can it be global warming? If anything, it’s global […]

Rachel Maddow: Christie Issue Means We Need More Dogged Local Journalists

Investigating Republicans, of course. How cute. A nominal Republican is having a bit of an issue, so now she’s all for hardcore investigative journalism. Locally. Democracy demands it Democracy needs dogged local journalism (Multiple paragraphs regarding “lane closures” to start) It’s one thing for public officials to subject one another to that kind of low-level, […]

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