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Android Today: “Oh My Goat”

I’ve been a bit slack with Android recommendations, but here’s a good one. A fun little sorta side scroller called Oh My Goat. The main character, Patrick the Goat has been turned into a cube, along with all his animal friends. It takes great reflexes and timing. Check it out.

The Australian Is Not Afraid To Publish The Skeptical View

More and more news outlets, along with other web outlets such as Reddit Science, are banning “skeptics” because of Free Speech or something, the something being that they are pretty much afraid to debate and have their cult disinfected with sunlight. Here’s Jo Nova on The Australian The giant boondoggle is coming undone. What makes […]

If All You See…

… is a horrid fossil fueled vehicle necessary to get across all the fossil fuels created snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Independent Sentinel, with a post on how it’s easier to open a business in Siberia than California.

Climate Alarmists Still Stuck On Ship In Antarctica

Well, supposedly they had a good time for New Year’s Eve (Guardian) Passengers aboard a scientific research ship stuck in sea ice near the coast of Antarctica are preparing to spend another night on the vessel after plans to evacuate them by helicopter were aborted. The rescue mission was cancelled in the early hours of […]

New Year’s Resolutions

In case you missed it, I’m a rather private person. I do not talk much about Me. I’m rather private out in the Real Worldâ„¢, as well, unless I really know someone. Even then, I tend to deflect more to the person or people I’m talking to. Anyhow, for a first, I’ll give you my […]

2014: Annual New Year’s Prediction Challenge For Climate Alarmists

Happy New Year’s! Welcome to 2014, and the 4th year of my prediction challenge, which virtually no Warmists will take. And one year closer to End Of Life As We Know it. 2150 and 2200 are fast approaching, the primary dates that the climate alarmists always want to use to denote when Earth is going […]

Happy New Year! Obamacare’s Only Going To Get Worse

HHS Head Kathleen Sebelius thinks it’s going to be a great year for the “Affordable” Care Act….because she kinda has to (Fox News) Sebelius acknowledged there could continue to be hiccups going into 2014. “There always are,” she said. “People change plans every year.” But she predicted a relatively smooth transition and said she doesn’t […]

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