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Liberals Upset Over Virginia Bill Which Would Teach Alternatives To Climate Change And Evolution

Really upset (Think Progress) A new bill, up for consideration this year in the Virginia General Assembly, would give Virginia’s public school teachers permission to teach about the “scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses” of “scientific theories” like evolution and global climate change. The bill is part of a national trend of legislative proposals, led by […]

If All You See…

…is Bad Weather that occurred unexpectedly (and horrible duck lips), you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post stating that Joe Biden is not a statesman.

Now White House Blames Polar Vortex On Climate Change

(Fox News) The Obama administration is pushing back against skeptics who claim this week’s “polar vortex” of cold weather is proof global warming is a myth, saying weather patterns such as these are actually a result of climate change. In a post on the official White House blog Wednesday, the administration starts by saying no […]

Happy 3,000th Day Since The Last Major Hurricane!

It’s party time! A big milestone has been hit, it has been 3000 days, including today, since the last major hurricane made landfall on the United States! We go all the way back to October 24, 2005, when Hurricane Wilma made landfall in Cape Romero, Florida as a category 3 hurricane, with wind speeds of […]

Conservative Group Tells Obama Comprehensive Immigration Bill Is An “Awful Idea”

The schizophrenic president, who bounces from subject to subject as of The Utmost Importance daily, is making a push to get the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform, ie, a giant bill which most haven’t read and don’t understand and will make all sorts of unexpected changes, passed (Fox News) A group of House Republicans is rejecting […]

Unshockingly, Democrats Blame Big Business For Obamacare Rollout

I’d like to say this is a 100% idiotic attempt to deflect blame, but there are enough business haters out there for it to partly work (Politico) Democrats taking heat back home for Obamacare’s rocky online rollout say don’t blame them — blame Big Business. Facing an onslaught of constituent frustration over problems with online […]

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