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LA Times: We Only Have 15 Years Left Before Climate Doom

And Everyone Else needs to stop the foot-dragging, per their editorial board Stop the foot-dragging on climate change The world has very little time — perhaps 15 years — to make serious inroads on climate change, according to a leaked report from a United Nations panel. Current efforts, even among the most committed nations, fall […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful carbon neutral bike, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Independent Sentinel, with a post on Common Core’s porn-sex curricula. PS: sorry, another tattoo.

Study Prognosticates That “Climate Change” Could Cause More El Nino’s

The cult is trotting out yet another scary story (USA Today) Some of the worst El Niños, the infamous climate patterns that shake up weather around the world, could double in frequency in upcoming decades due to global warming, says a new study out Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change. During an El Niño, […]

If You Thought Obtaining Obamacare Was Hard, Wait Till You Try And Cancel It

It is getting easier to actually enroll in Obamacare, as the website issues are being fixed…except for those pesky security features…and ability to pay online…and many State run exchanges…anyhow, we knew that the website wouldn’t stay a complete failure as time went on. But, what if you found a plan offered outside of Obamacare? Lesli […]

Dems On MLK Day: Vote Is Precious, So Let’s Not Verify That Someone Is Eligible

The Talking Points Memo went out and Democrats yammered on about voter ID (Daily Caller) Martin Luther King Day is a day of service, quiet reflection — and implications that those supporting voter ID laws are akin to 1960s segregationists. Democratic politicians and their allies took to the airwaves Monday to campaign against state laws […]

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