Dems On MLK Day: Vote Is Precious, So Let’s Not Verify That Someone Is Eligible

The Talking Points Memo went out and Democrats yammered on about voter ID

(Daily Caller) Martin Luther King Day is a day of service, quiet reflection — and implications that those supporting voter ID laws are akin to 1960s segregationists.

Democratic politicians and their allies took to the airwaves Monday to campaign against state laws mandating some form of voter identification, often suggesting that feelings of racial animus are behind the initiatives. Legislators supporting the laws — largely Republicans — argue that they help keep elections fair by limiting voter fraud. Opponents claim the rules are “restrictions” deliberately designed by legislators to limit the voting rights of impoverished minorities, which they say often do not possess appropriate identification.

Those opponents were out in full force on MLK Day, perhaps rallied by Vice President Joe Biden’s speech during an event commemorating the legendary civil rights advocate on Monday. “[We’re] trying to stem the tide of new attempts — new attempts — to restrict the right of our people to vote,” he declared. “I have to admit I never thought we’d be fighting the fight again on voting rights.”

“This has been the ultimate fight,” Biden later bellowed, “because our opponents know — they KNOW! — the single most dangerous thing to give us is the right to vote! They know what that is!”

At least he didn’t use the black voice and talk about putting y’all back in chains. That, and no one will let him buy a shotgun and fire two blasts in the air. But, why is he complaining, when Democrat States do the same thing?

Other Democrats took the hint. “Dr. King has said it in the past, I’ve said it in the past, and I continue to say it: the vote is precious,” Democratic Georgia congressman John Lewis said on MSNBC. “People I knew, people that I work with, people that I marched with, people that Dr. King worked with and marched with — some of those people DIED for the right to vote, the right to participate. And we have to continue to open up our society and let all of our citizens come in.”

The vote is precious. I agree 100% with Congresscritter Lewis. And, as such, we should 100% make sure that people who are voting are legally allowed to do so. We should make sure that legal and illegal residents are not voting. we should make sure that dead people aren’t voting. We should make sure that people do not vote more than once. We should make sure a person’s vote counts, because anytime there are votes submitted that shouldn’t count, it reduces the impact of a legal vote. If not, then all those people who marched, and even died, for that right to vote will have seen those actions wasted.

Perhaps that’s why deep Democrat states like Hawaii and New Hampshire require photo ID to vote. In Hawaii’s case, if someone doesn’t have it, they will be asked lots of specific questions to verify their identity. New Hampshire has provisions if someone doesn’t have one. Just like in the Republican states that passed voter ID laws.

Blueish states like Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware require proof, which could be photo ID or some other form of identification, like a paycheck stub. Then you have Connecticut, Colorado, New York, and Washington, along with California and Obama’s home state of Illinois (early voting, every time. And first time voting unless one submits a copy of ID with registration).

So, why are Democrats like Biden complaining about taking away the vote? Apparently, they’re doing just that in their states.

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3 Responses to “Dems On MLK Day: Vote Is Precious, So Let’s Not Verify That Someone Is Eligible”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Every time I hear about voter registration and the line “there is no fraud,” I think of the fact that the 2000 Presidential election and the issues in Florida was caused, in part, by voter fraud.

    (No I am not talking about hanging chads and people who can’t read or understand a ballot.)

    If you remember, there were cries that people had been removed from voter rolls on the run up to the election. That purge of the voter rolls was in response to the corrupt voting practices in previous elections in Miami Dade County where people who no longer lived in the area somehow were voting. People that never existed were voting. Dead people were voting. Dogs voted.

    A judge ordered the voter rolls to be verified and Ross Perot’s company won the contract which turned out to be a mess for a variety of reasons.

    However, the underlying fact is that there was legally proven voter fraud. That fact cannot be denied.

    It should be noted that both Republicans and Democrats were guilty of the fraud.

    The reaction from the parties is telling, in my opinion, in that the Republicans pushed nationwide for systems to protect the legal rights of voters. Democrats seek to keep the fraud in place.

  2. True, remember how Dems freaked over 2000? They referred to Bush as the pResident. Then same for 2004.

    Interestingly, 28;of 29 Florida precincts with issues were run by Dems. The other was Independent. For Ohio 2004 the majority of issues were in Dem precincts.

    And there was plenty of real fraud. Some was with voting machines. They demanded change. They got it. All we want is verification of who a voter is. Since Dems are so dead set against that, it’s easy to ascertain their reasoning.

  3. Jeffery says:

    As conservatives lose any hope of winning national elections and even some statewide elections they are increasing their voter suppression efforts and gerrymandering within the states. They will focus their efforts on swing states such as Wisconsin, Pa, Ohio, Virginia, NC and Florida. Oh, they already are.

    It’s a smart strategy for a minority to maintain power.

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