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Cult: “More To Climate Change Than Warming”

It’s not just a sin, ya know. Here’s Ms. Ann McFeatters practicing climate witchcraft More to climate change than warming Folks, climate change is real. And, dear fellow citizens, we have to do something about our infrastructure. I know, I know. You are muttering something about a polar vortex, and how this deep freeze has […]

If All You See…

…is horrible CO2 infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post noting that if you don’t want to see Lena Dunham naked, you’re a misogynist or something. Something.

Humana: Yeah, The Enrollment Mix Is Worse Than Though

Surprise! (Reuters)  Health insurer Humana Inc said on Thursday that it projected its enrollment mix in private plans through the exchanges created by President Barack Obama’s healthcare law will be, “more adverse than previously expected.” Humana attributed the enrollment trend to regulatory changes allowing people to remain in previously existing plans not sold on the […]

San Fransciso Warmists Want Warming Labels On Gas Pumps

Yes, I did intentionally type “warming”, not “warning” (San Fran Chronicle) Buy a pack of cigarettes, and a printed warning from the surgeon general will remind you that smoking causes cancer. Obviously, you’ve chosen to smoke anyway. But perhaps one day you’ll look at that message, printed on the pack, and resolve to change your […]

Is The Washington Post Suggesting Christie’s Firing Of Key Advisors Was A Bad Thing?

Here’s the headline of the article Firing of Stepien deprives Christie of a key counselor Like many of you, I’ve watched and been involved in politics for a long time. I’ve watched the media let their biases loose. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact time. Some say it was when Walter Cronkite declared the Vietnam […]

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