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Quick Review: AA Wireless Android Auto Device

I’d been thinking of getting a device that makes Android Auto wireless for a while now, I ordered the AA Wireless dongle while I was waiting for my Civic Hatchback EXL to come in (it finally did, have had it since April 5th. Maybe I’ll do a quick review on that later.). Been using it […]

24 Hours With The Asus Zenwatch 2

While I’m definitely a tech geek, I tend to be more interested in useful and worthwhile. But, I’ll go with cool and this could be fun now and then. I’ve had some extra birthday money sitting around, and there’s just about nothing else I’m interested in or need. At least that’s fun. I could get […]

Follow Up On Acer Iconia B1-730 Tablet

I mentioned a week ago that I had purchased an Acer Iconia B1-730 tablet, and mentioned the pros and cons. One interesting thing in all the pro reviews was the mention that the Android 4.3.3 was stripped down. Having played with it, they weren’t kidding. It was missing several capabilities, including the ability for automatic […]

Quick Review: Acer Iconia 7 B1-730

I didn’t really need a new tablet, but I did want one. My Elocity tablet is almost 4 years old, and cannot be updated since it is rooted. Gives me little troubles like freezing. Can’t use the new Play Store. No accelerometer. Others. I decided to take some of that sweet sweet birthday cash and […]

Android Today: “Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic” And “Scout Navigation”

Two navigation apps for ya tonight, folks. The first is Waze, an open source navigation system, where users can share all sorts of data like police, accidents, delays, and so much more. It, like everything else I mention, is free. I like the functionality a bit more than the standard Google maps navigation program. Graphics […]

Android Today: “Oh My Goat”

I’ve been a bit slack with Android recommendations, but here’s a good one. A fun little sorta side scroller called Oh My Goat. The main character, Patrick the Goat has been turned into a cube, along with all his animal friends. It takes great reflexes and timing. Check it out.

Android Today: Seriously, That’s Your Ringtone?

I’m not making an app recommendation today. Instead, I’m suggesting that anyone caught using a ringtone that comes with their smartphone to have it taken away and replaced with an old Motorola brickphone. That’s how much default ringtones annoy me. Seriously, folks have this super cool phone that can do things no one even considered […]

Android Today: “INRIX Traffic, Maps & Alerts”

Today’s awesome app is INRIX Traffic, a handy dandy little app that shows you reported traffic conditions in an easy to see format. You’ll see accidents, color coded roads to show issues, view traffic cameras, see the estimated travel time between work and home, and so much more. It covers 4 million miles of road […]

Android Today: “Android Lost”

The app of the day is Android Lost, an app designed to help you track down you device if lost or stolen. It can also wipe your Droid, erase SD card, lock it, and lots, lots more. You can even sent a text message if you think someone has it, and make it speak. You […]

Android Tonight – Backup Apps

Just like with your computer, your Android device needs to be backed up (I hope you backup your computer). Here are a few apps that I use, brought on because Mom upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3, was one of those “give us your phone and we’ll give you this”, and forgot to get all […]

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