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Just like with your computer, your Android device needs to be backed up (I hope you backup your computer). Here are a few apps that I use, brought on because Mom upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3, was one of those “give us your phone and we’ll give you this”, and forgot to get all her pictures off her phone. She takes A LOT. She may or may not get them back. Me, I tend to use my real digital camera for when I’m taking lots of photos. Still like to back them up, though.

G Cloud backup – one of the easiest apps I’ve found to backup contacts (though you most like have them backed up through Gmail or something else automatically – if you hate Google, well, using an Android is not the best, right?), photos, vids, documents, and system settings. It can also backup call logs, messages, music, and browser data. You can have multiple accounts all linked in the same account. You can restore data using the app, which is rather important, wouldn’t you say? I tend to use this more for my tablet than my phone.

Dropbox – this is the program I use for photo backups for my phone. It’s set to automatically upload any new photos when I’m on WiFi. Dropbox can be used for many more things. I keep lots of files in it, so they are synced up across my Droids, my laptop, and accessible on the web. All password encoded. I have a couple folders with pictures from favorite trips, books, and a few of my favorite ringtones (some Buffet, Hendrix, and Black Sabbath ones).

Easy App Backup – this is one I use exclusively on my phone, since the HTC One S has an internal only memory card (though I could probably find a way to take the phone apart and yank it out), so making a backup of the apps internally is not necessarily the best idea. With EAB, you can backup to either the memory card or Google Documents. It only backs up the APK files, not data or setting, but, hey, if you have over 100 apps, restoring easily is a benefit. Of course, if the device is lost, well, then, nice to have an online one, eh?

App Backup And Restore – I have this on both my Droids, and have made a backup on both devices. A little more useful on the tablet, since the card is removable.

With the last two, you should do backups every once in a while, it’ll save you some time as the apps are updated.

Helium is supposed to be excellent, supposedly allows app data backup, but, I could never get it to work for my phone, and it is not compatible with my tablet.

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