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Android Today: “Magnifying Glass”

Today’s featured app is Magnifying Glass. It uses the camera of your phone to magnify objects, so that those of us who are getting older can read the dagnabit small writing, I think these companies are messing with us, it never used to be this small! Personally, I do not need reading glasses, I’ve always […]

Shivering Brits Really Excited Over Potential Power Cuts

It’s all that heat that’s melting the Arctic or something because people don’t use enough “green” energy (Daily Star) Bone-chilling storms are expected to push the National Grid beyond breaking point when demand for electricity surges. The stark warning comes from Professor Ian Fells, who claims bungling energy chiefs have failed to prepare. Professor Fells […]

If All You See…

…is an evil resource sucking dog causing warm snow to fall, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, which notes that the death spiral is starting.

Horizon BCBS Of NJ Has Laptops With Customer Data Stolen

They aren’t quite sure whether alarm bells should be ringing because they don’t know what will be done with the data (NJ.com) Nearly 840,000 Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield subscribers are being notified that their personal information may have been contained on a pair of laptops that were stolen from the insurer’s Newark headquarters last […]

Summer Snow In Australia

I bet it’s climate change (RYOT) December is a month of holidays and cold and snow, but not in Australia. December for the people who live Down Under is the start of the summer season, a festive time of year when people go to the beach to swim, surf and tan. But somebody forgot to […]

Here We Go: Warmists Trot Out “Cold And Snow Caused By Warming” Meme For Winter

I had a brief Twitter debate with a Warmist Sunday afternoon, brief on my part, because I had to bow out due to other obligations, and noted https://twitter.com/WilliamTeach/status/409816181496107008 The way Warmists have positioned “climate change” means there is no way to ever disprove it, the same as a cult. That’s how we end up with […]

MSNBC: Calling It Obamacare Is Raaaaacist

When it comes to saying something bat-guano insane, in particular pulling out the Race Card, there’s a whole range of nut-balls at MSNBC to choose from. Pretty much the entire liberal staff. In this case, it’s Melissa Harris-Perry on her Sunday show, who decided To Be Brave and say the word (Daily Caller) “I want […]

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