Summer Snow In Australia

I bet it’s climate change

(RYOT) December is a month of holidays and cold and snow, but not in Australia. December for the people who live Down Under is the start of the summer season, a festive time of year when people go to the beach to swim, surf and tan.

But somebody forgot to tell Australia that. The usually hot and summery December weather so far has been replaced in parts by icy gusts of winds and Christmas snow.

The Victoria Alps were caked in snow on Thursday as a blast of cold wintry air hit the state. According to Australia’s The Age, the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast was snow between four to eight inches on the Alps while rain will fall everywhere else, Friday.

It’s not unheard of for it to snow a tiny bit once or twice a year during the summer month in the Victorian Alps. 4-8 inches is a bit unusual. I blame you, dear reader, for driving a fossil fueled vehicle and refusing to give up your Bad Weather causing pets.

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One Response to “Summer Snow In Australia”

  1. Now_Frozen_Gumballs says:

    I bet it was due to the warming atmosphere due to the melting ice in the Arctic.

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